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8" Sound System with LED Light Bar and Storage System | Planet Audio

$439.00 $449.99

With built-in Bluetooth, big speakers, and a rugged, utilitarian design, Planet Audio's PATV65 ATV speaker system is ready to head into the woods or up a mountain. The PATV65 sports a pair of weather-ready 6-1/2" speakers with 1-1/2" soft-dome tweeters along with a built-in amplifier. You'll get powerful performance wherever the trail takes you.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a handy weatherproof remote control allow you to stream stored music or enjoy your favorite apps while keeping your Apple or Android phone in your pocket and out of the way. You can also connect your MP3 player using the handy AUX input.

Ultra-efficient lighting

With the 12-volt powered PATV65 mounted on your ATV, you won't have to navigate by the light of the moon unless you want to. The built-in LED light bar gives you the illumination you need to travel safely without draining your vehicle's battery. The secret is a custom-tooled magnifying lens that covers the LEDs and amplifies their output for maximum efficiency. You'll get lots of light without using lots of current.

Made for off-road adventuring

The entire assembly is water-resistant, so feel free to ford those streams, jump those puddles, and hose off all the mud and muck afterwards. Ideal for ATV/UTV, jet ski, boat, or even snowmobile applications, this speaker comes with four adjustable mounting straps for simple, secure installation. Reinforced metal handles on the sides double as secure mounting points for tool bags, camping gear, or your action camera.