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4-Point Harness 3" set with Polaris RZR / Can-Am Maverick Override Plug | Rad UTV Parts

$235.00 $267.78

Navigating rough terrain requires the right equipment. The Rad UTV 3" UTV 4-Point Auto Latch Harness is indispensable for the committed rider. These harnesses are a fusion of practicality and style, equipped with memory foam shoulder pads for superior comfort, adjustable sternum clips ensuring an ideal fit, and sophisticated black hardware for an extra touch of elegance. Subjected to rigorous testing in the most challenging environments, the Rad UTV Parts Harness is crafted for unwavering reliability and durability.

This package includes two Rad Harnesses in your selected color, along with a Polaris Harness/Can-Am Override Plug, which eliminates seatbelt warning lights when you remove your original harnesses.

  • Includes two Rad Harnesses in your selected color
  • Features a Polaris Harness/Can-Am Override Plug to prevent seatbelt warning lights upon disconnecting standard harnesses
  • Indispensable for rough terrain: the Rad 3" UTV Auto Latch Harness
  • Equipped with memory foam shoulder pads for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable sternum clips for tailored fitting
  • Fashionable all-black hardware for a modern look
  • Extensively tested in harsh conditions to ensure reliable performance
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your UTV's aesthetics: Black, Blue, Red, or Digital Camo