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Honda Talon 1000 Heavy-Duty Prop Shaft —Rhino Driveline


Upgrade Your Driveline
Get your UTV ready for bigger rides, larger lifts, and your lead foot by installing SuperATV’s Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft on your Honda Talon 1000. These bigger, tougher drive shafts come paired with C-series CV joints that resist wear and run smooth. Bolster your driveline’s backbone with SuperATV’s Rhino Driveline Prop Shaft and push your Talon like you never could before.

Superior Construction
We built Rhino Driveline prop shafts with .120” tube walls and a 1.75” diameter tube. That’s bigger and thicker than your OEM prop shaft. They’re made of chromoly steel alloy unlike your OEM carbon steel prop shaft. That makes them strong enough to take on creeks, rocks, mud, and hills. They’re built for every way you ride.

Our C-Series prop shafts offer the ultimate strength and protection. They use CV joints complete with chromoly cages, spiders, and cups, just like an axle. All the strength is made even more durable thanks to the high-quality boot that protects them from the elements. Best of all, a CV won’t give you rattle, wobble, or balance issues—it’s just not possible. It’s the Honda Talon drive shaft for any ride style.