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UTV Tool Kit: Must-Have Gear for Every Off-Road Adventure - Rad UTV Parts

UTV Tool Kit: Must-Have Gear for Every Off-Road Adventure

Written by: Robert Resz



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UTV Tool Kit: Essential Gear for Off-Road Adventures

A UTV tool kit is an essential addition to the gear of anyone who owns a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). These tools are designed to help you fix common issues and perform basic maintenance on your vehicle while you're out on the trails.

Having a UTV tool kit means you're prepared for unexpected breakdowns and can handle routine checks without needing a full set of tools.

When choosing a UTV tool kit, consider what tools are included. Essentials might include wrenches, screwdrivers, tire repair kits, and pliers. The quality of the tools is also important. Look for kits made with durable materials like steel to ensure they can withstand tough conditions.

Portability is another crucial factor. A good UTV tool kit should be compact and easy to carry, fitting neatly into your UTV storage space.

We reviewed various kits to find the ones that combine durability and portability, making sure you're always ready for the unexpected.

Top UTV Tool Kits

Explore our curated selection of the best UTV tool kits to keep your vehicle in top shape. These kits include essential tools and features designed for on-the-go repairs and maintenance.

SuperATV Ultimate Tool Kit

A must-have for any UTV or ATV rider looking for reliability and convenience on the trail.



  • Slightly bulky when rolled up
  • Heavier than expected
  • Limited to metric tools

The SuperATV Ultimate Tool Kit is packed with 67 different tools that can handle almost any situation you encounter on the trail.

The tools are neatly organized in a roll-up bag, which makes it easy to carry and ensures you don't misplace any pieces.

This kit stands out because all the tools are of high quality and feel sturdy when in use.

What’s great about this kit is that it’s designed by riders for riders. You will find a wide range of tools, including various wrenches, pliers, sockets, and even a tire gauge.

The different compartments and velcro flaps in the roll-up bag make everything accessible and simple to find, even in the middle of nowhere.

One thing to consider, though, is its size and weight. While the roll-up bag is a smart design, it can be a little bulky to stash away. Plus, at 25 pounds, it’s not exactly lightweight. But if you’re serious about off-roading, the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences.

The kit's robust nature means it can withstand harsh conditions, whether it's dust, sand, or mud. The bright orange stitching and SuperATV logo add a nice touch, making it easy to spot when you need it.

Dodge the hassle of being stranded with a problem you can't fix by keeping this reliable set with you.

Assault Industries On-The-Go Tool Kit (Metric)

This toolkit is perfect for most UTV enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, comprehensive solution.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Easy storage with no-noise pouch


  • Not water resistant
  • Some sockets are 12-point
  • Limited to most common tools

Don't let a minor repair ruin your adventure. This Assault Industries On-The-Go Tool Kit is packed with 62 essential tools.

Its compact, no-noise pouch ensures everything is kept neat and secure inside your vehicle, reducing clutter and noise.

The yellow stitching and strong build make this a reliable choice for those who want quality without unnecessary weight.

The hand-selected tools cover all the basics you’ll need, from rebuildable ratchets to a comfortable ball-peen hammer. Each tool feels solid and well-made in your hands.

The metric combination wrenches have clear markings to help you quickly find the right size. The ergonomic handle on the ratchets is another thoughtful touch, making even the toughest jobs easier.

However, the kit isn't waterproof, so keep it dry to avoid damage. Some users might find the 12-point sockets less effective, but they still perform well for many needs.

Overall, this toolkit is a handy companion for any UTV trip, offering excellent value and convenience.

PRP Seats Roll-Up Tool Kit

A must-have for any Polaris RZR owner who needs reliable tools on the trail.


  • Comprehensive set: 36 pieces, all essentials
  • Organized storage: Roll-up bag with dedicated sleeves
  • Convenient to carry: Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Socket bar durability issues
  • Missing a 6mm hex socket
  • Short adjustable straps on the case

This PRP Seats Roll-Up Tool Kit is designed to be your go-to toolset for fixing a Polaris RZR out on the trail.

The comprehensive set includes high-quality ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and a handy ball peen hammer. The tools are well-suited for the most common repairs, so you're not carrying anything unnecessary.

The roll-up bag is a standout feature, keeping all 36 pieces neatly organized and preventing them from making noise while you drive.

Its durable twill material and secure buckles ensure everything stays in place even during rough rides. Plus, the grab handle makes it easy to take the bag with you wherever you go.

An innovative RZR Belt Changing Tool is included, allowing quick and easy belt changes. This tool alone can save you a lot of hassle out on the trail.

Use it to lock the secondary clutch open while you swap the belt, making the process much faster and more efficient.

Tusk UTV Tool Roll Kit

This tool kit is perfect for anyone who spends time on the trails and needs reliable tools at hand.


  • Comes with a variety of tools tailored for UTV use
  • Durable tool roll keeps everything secure
  • Extra accessory bag for additional parts or tools


  • Slightly bulky and takes up space
  • Can be heavy to carry around
  • Included tools may not fit every specific need

The Tusk UTV Tool Roll Kit is a solid choice for off-road enthusiasts.

The variety and quality of the tools stand out. From metric combination wrenches to spark plug sockets, it has what you need for most repairs.

The tool roll is made from sturdy material, ensuring that tools don’t jostle around during the ride. It’s easy to mount to your vehicle, keeping them handy.

The magnetic section is particularly useful. It holds bolts and small tools while you work, preventing loss.

There are also labeled pockets which make finding the right tool quick and easy. The removable accessory bag is a nice touch, offering room for other items you might need.

On the downside, the kit can feel a bit bulky and heavy. You might find that carrying it around can be a chore.

Additionally, while it covers most needs, some tools might not be included for very specific repairs. Nonetheless, it’s a useful and well-made kit that helps keep you prepared on your adventures.

Tools-2-Go 83 Piece Tool Kit

This tool kit is perfect for handling unexpected roadside or trailside repairs.


  • Comprehensive set for various repairs
  • Durable, high-quality tools
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Some tools may not be needed for every user
  • Roll-up pouch might be confusing to organize
  • A bit pricey compared to basic kits

Think about all the times you've been stranded and wished you had a good set of tools at hand. The Tools-2-Go 83 Piece Tool Kit really covers all the bases.

Whether you drive a motorcycle, ATV, car, or truck, you'll find the tools sturdy and reliable.

One thing that stood out when using this kit is its portability. The roll-up pouch organizes everything nicely and is convenient to store.

It doesn't take up much room, so it's perfect for smaller vehicles like motorcycles or ATVs.

The included LED worklight is a game-changer for nighttime repairs.

The ability to use both hands while the light illuminates your work area is genuinely helpful, making those unexpected breakdowns a bit less stressful.

You won't find many kits with this level of thoughtfulness in their design.


This is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking a compact and durable tool kit.


  • Comprehensive set of 66 tools
  • High quality Cordura Nylon bag
  • Labeled pockets for easy organization


  • Some tools may not be top-notch
  • A bit heavy at 16.52 pounds
  • No included torque wrench

A reliable tool kit can be a lifesaver when you're out on the trails. The BOXO USA UTV Tool Roll is designed with you in mind. It provides a robust 66-piece set that covers most of your basic repair needs.

The tools come in a high-quality Cordura Nylon roll that keeps them organized and rattle-free. This is a big plus when you're bouncing around on rough terrain.

You'll appreciate the convenience of the labeled pockets, making it quick and easy to find the tool you need. The roll even features a removable pouch for additional items you might want to bring along. This thoughtful design shows that this kit was made by enthusiasts who understand the needs of off-road adventurers.

One downside is the weight—at 16.52 pounds, it does add some heft to your gear. Also, while the tools are adequate for most repairs, they may not be the highest quality available. If you need a torque wrench, you'll need to purchase that separately.

AUTODUNK Recovery & Tow Rope

This is an excellent choice for your off-road recovery needs because of its strength and ease of use.


  • High breaking strength
  • Soft shackles included
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Slightly bulky
  • Carrying bag could be better
  • Price may be high for some

This AUTODUNK Recovery & Tow Rope is built tough with a breaking strength of 18,700 lbs, making it reliable when you need to pull a vehicle out of the mud or snow. The robust construction ensures it won’t snap under pressure, and it gives you confidence during tough situations.

Including two soft shackles, the kit is practical and ready to go right out of the bag. The shackles are made from the same durable material as the rope, ensuring consistent strength and performance. This feature saves you from buying separate components.

A large carrying bag is also part of the package, making it easy to store and keep in your vehicle. Although the bag isn't the most durable I've seen, it's functional and keeps everything together neatly. This product may be on the pricier side for some buyers, but the overall quality and included features justify the cost.

Buying Guide

When choosing a UTV toolkit, you need to look at several key features. Here’s a guide to help you make the best decision.

Essential Tools

Include basic tools such as:

  • Wrenches (both metric and standard)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Socket Set

Having these basic tools ensures you can handle most repairs on the go.


Check the material quality. Tools made from chrome vanadium steel are strong and durable. Look for rust-resistant finishes to protect your tools over time.


A toolkit should be easy to carry. A compact and lightweight kit is ideal. Make sure it includes a sturdy case to keep tools organized and easy to access.

Feature Reason

Compact Size Easy to store in your UTV
Lightweight Won’t add too much extra weight
Sturdy Case Keeps tools organized and secure

Tool Variety

The more variety in tools, the better. Check for:

These additions can be a lifesaver in different situations.

Quality vs. Quantity

It’s important to balance both. A toolkit with fewer, high-quality tools is better than one packed with many low-quality tools.

Reviews and Ratings

Check online reviews and ratings. Feedback from other users can provide insights into the toolkit’s performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about what tools you need in your UTV tool kit, how to choose the best one, and specific options for popular UTV brands.

What essential tools should be included in a UTV tool kit?

A basic UTV tool kit should have wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, a tire repair kit, and a multi-tool. It's also wise to include a tow strap, duct tape, and a flashlight.

How do you choose the best tool kit for your UTV?

Consider the size and weight of the kit. It should be portable and compact. Make sure the tools are durable and suitable for your UTV's maintenance needs.

What are the differences between ATV and UTV tool kits?

ATV tool kits are often smaller and lighter. Meanwhile, UTV tool kits tend to include more tools and specialized items due to the larger size and more complex systems of UTVs.

Can you recommend a durable tool box suitable for UTVs?

Look for a tool box made from high-impact plastic or metal. It should be waterproof and have secure latches. Brands like Pelican and DeWalt offer durable options.

What is the typical price range for a high-quality UTV tool kit?

A high-quality UTV tool kit usually costs between $50 and $200. Kits with more specialized tools and higher durability can be more expensive.

Are there any specialized tool kits for UTV brands like RZR and Yamaha?

Yes, some tool kits are tailored for specific brands like RZR and Yamaha. These kits often include brand-specific tools and accessories designed to fit those models perfectly.