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UTV aftermarket accessories are in high demand, especially these days when people choose to go on off-road adventures rather than risk traveling through crowded city streets. Not only that, but people feel the need to reconnect with nature. 

Regardless of these factors, a UTV is a great idea if you’re an outdoor type of person. However, you should know a bit about UTV aftermarket accessories before getting into this kind of ordeal. You’d be surprised how many things you probably didn’t know.

Not All UTV Aftermarket Accessories Are the Same

What would you prefer: a Mercedes or a Kia? The same question applies to UTV aftermarket parts as well. Don’t just go shopping from any random brand that barely has any valid online user reviews.

Instead, do your research. Go on forums, ask around, go to specialized shops, and ask basically anywhere you deem necessary before committing to a purchase. And if you’re shopping around for second-hand UTV aftermarket accessories, always look for potential signs of a scam.

Scammers pretty much target newbies and people who haven’t really done their research on modifying and tuning their vehicles. So, to stay as safe as you can, always shop from trusted retailers and websites, or ask a more UTV-savvy friend to help you out.

The Way You Should Prioritize UTV Aftermarket Accessories

Just like many aftermarket UTV brands are not the same, not all accessories and parts share the same scope and goals. Some are better than others in what they achieve. A few prioritize security, others only go for looks. It’s up to you to figure out what you need depending on what vehicle model you have and what you’re looking forward to.

However, as a general rule of thumb, we always advise our readers to prioritize safety above all else. That’s why we hope you’ll consider purchasing, at first, safety-related accessories or replacement parts instead of flashy lights or complex audio systems. We encourage you to first buy harnesses, rearview mirrors, a windshield, and other similar parts to increase the safety of your ride by a lot.

We’re not saying that UTVs, as they come, are dangerous. However, it’s a good idea to always add some extra safety features, especially if you’re a beginner when it comes to this type of vehicle. One of the editorial team’s favorite pieces of equipment is this battery jump starter. It comes in handy whenever your battery fails to start up.

utv tires and wheels


Looks, But Functional

If you want to facelift your UTV, then we strongly suggest you take into consideration accessories that not only add some extra appeal but also some extra functionality. You see, a set of wheels and tires should not only look good but also improve the UTV’s grip on mud, dirt, rocks, and so forth.

Similarly, you could buy a sound system that looks cool and offers you the chance of organizing an outdoor party with some of your friends. However, you can also use that audio system as a sort of emergency signal transmitter, in the sense that if you get lost, you can guide a rescue team to your location by playing specific sounds.

Racing goggles are yet another piece of equipment that does just that: offer both functionality and style. These goggles help you see clearly and keep dirt and other elements out of your eyes. If you have ever driven a car or a motorcycle, you know that even one second without vision can be catastrophic.

OEM or Aftermarket?

As you can probably imagine, not all the parts of your UTV have an aftermarket alternative. There are many pieces that are compatible only with OEM solutions. For example, the UTV or ATV’s engine will surely have a lot of bits and pieces that only fit the manufacturer’s OEM standards. You won’t find aftermarket replacements for those.

However, drive belts and other similar components do come in aftermarket form, and they’re usually a lot cheaper. Aftermarket brake pads also come a lot cheaper than their OEM counterparts. And the examples could go on and on. But you probably have it figured out by now. If it’s not something that takes a lot of tools and skill to take apart, you’ll probably find a good aftermarket replacement for it.

Either way, we here at RAD Parts have a wide selection of aftermarket parts and accessories that you can browse through at will. We’re always trying to bring you the best offers and prices so that you can afford to fine-tune your UTV to your liking. Feel free to contact us for suggestions and other queries.

The Most Important UTV Aftermarket Parts to Consider

Let’s wrap up the article with the most important stuff you should be looking for when tuning your UTV, in no particular order.


To improve stability on uneven terrain, we recommend you look for shocks or shock absorbers. They transfer the kinetic energy from and transform it into another form of energy, mainly heat. 

Drive Belts

Keeping a spare drive belt with you at all times is necessary. You never know when the original drive belt will stand to collapse under the for of an impact. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a lot of replacements here.


The drive belt isn’t the only thing that’s has a lot of pressure being applied to it when off-roading. You never know when trouble might arise, so having a winch at the ready in case your UTV requires to be “rescued” is always a good idea. Check out our UTV winch offerings right here.

Filter and Exhaust

As you probably already know, filtering the air intake and output is necessary both for your UTV’s “health”, and for the environment. We recommend installing a good filter and exhaust so that you’ll improve the engine’s performance and tweak how your UTV acts in the long run.

Clutch Kits

While not mandatory by any means, we recommend you get a clutch kit for your particular UTV model. An improved clutch helps your UTV accelerate faster, get over obstacles quicker, and protect your gearbox in the long run thanks to the fact that your machine will use the clutch capability much better than previously.

Replacement Studs, Lug Nuts, and Hub Rebuild Kits

These categories of UTV upgrades are mandatory if you want to always be prepared. As previously stated, your UTV will take a lot of impact going off the road. So having some backup pieces is always a good idea.

The Bottom Line

Always look for upgraded aftermarket parts when necessary and when you can afford them. However, do keep in mind that you should prioritize safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle before anything else.

So before purchasing that audio system that you’ve been dreaming about, focus on the pieces that we have mentioned above first. They will come in handy sooner or later, and you’ll be thankful that you were prepared for an eventual malfunction rather than being caught empty-handed. Either way, we wish you the best of luck in choosing your parts and have lots of fun on your off-road adventures!