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UTVs come today with all sorts of options for tires, each more enticing than the other. As such, buying the best UTV tires for your particular model can be confusing at times. However, the best approach is to measure your default tires so you can understand what size would best fit your UTV.

Even then, you still need to consider what you’ll be using your UTV for the most. With that in mind, we will show you some of the best overall tires regardless of their purpose. From our list, you’ll be able to determine which set of UTV tires is more desirable for your needs and wants. Good luck and let’s go!

Pro Armor Sand Tire & Wheel 15" Kit / 32" Tires (Mounted - 156)

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Are you an offroad enthusiast? Do you like to travel on sand and gravel more than anything else? Well, this might just be the perfect pair of tires for you and your UTV. The Pro Armor Sand Kit is a combination of the front sand tires and our specially designed 16 paddles rear sand tire. The front is a precision-engineered 8-ply unique 3-tiered front tire design that delivers hard turning bite and eliminates front end drift.

The rear tire has been strictly developed by our team to handle extreme horsepower and high-performance riding and paired with our front tire, the rear is a precision-engineered 4-ply 16-paddle tire with 1" scoops for the ultimate in sand acceleration. Finally, the kit includes 156 bolt-pattern for Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat. And, of course, we deliver from the box straight to your vehicle.

System 3 OFFROAD Beadlock Wheels Package 4/137 Wheels with RT320 Race and Trail Tires 

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This UTV tire kit is absolutely amazing for balanced rides on most types of terrain. Punishing offroad experiences are always welcomed when you have this set of UTV tires and wheels directly assembled and installed on your side by side.

There are three different variations of these tires that you can choose from on our website. Also, these tires are great even for racing, both on the road and offroad. You and your UTV-loving friends will definitely be pleased about these tires and their performance.

System 3 Beadlock Beadlock GunMetal Wheels with 32" GMZ Sand Stripper Paddle Tires

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These wheels offer a classic 12-spoke style with strong elements and durability to rival even the toughest set of UTV wheels that you could ever look for on the market. They have grade 8 hardware, with a 10mm grooved billet ring that manages to be both tough and lightweight to optimize both speed and performance.

Their engineering is made with Deep Cut Paddle (DCP) optimization in mind so that modern UTVs can truly show off on any terrain surface out there. Also, an extra-wide footprint provides maximum flotation and smooth dune transitions, while tough 6 ply bias construction delivers long-lasting durability and prevents punctures.

System 3 SS360 Snow and Sand Off-Road Tires

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If sand dunes are your thing, then you should definitely check out our offering of the System 3 SS360 Snow and Sand Off-Road Tires. Both cornering traction and straight-line propulsion are what this set of tires offers, so you’ll be getting the best of both worlds in any snow and sand scenario.

That means no more slipping like a goose when your intention is to get out of a snowy situation or conquer massive sand dunes. Furthermore, the interlocking tread pattern offers fantastic grip even in minor quicksand so you won’t get stuck if you somehow manage to get into the beginning of a swamp.

System 3 XTR370 X-TERRAIN RADIAL Tires

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Just look at the picture. What more could you say about these bad boys? The fact that they offer an excellent grip on just about any terrain imaginable? Or maybe the fact that they have an advanced sidewall construction that delivers sure-footed and comfortable rides time and time again?

In any case, there’s nothing bad you can say about these tires. Deep tread ranges from 0.75 to 1.0 in. on 28-32 in. tires, and 1.0 to 1.25 on 33 in. and larger tires. Choose the size that fits your UTV the best, and you got yourself a set of tires for so many offroad (and even on-road) situations that it’s absolutely crazy.

System 3 OFFROAD Beadlock Wheels Packages for Honda Talon with XCR 350 X-COUNTRY RADIAL TIRES

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These Beadlock wheels feature classic Baja styling and rugged modern construction. With a 10mm billet ring, 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolts, and a 1500-pound load rating, the SB-3 is the strongest cast UTV wheel on the market. The wheel's stainless steel lug inserts are an industry first for a UTV wheel; these inserts ensure a tight fit that won't go oval-shaped with use.

On the other hand, the other option in this set is the all-new SB-4 Beadlock, which delivers the style of our popular ST-3 wheels, with all the performance advantages of a Beadlock. A rugged 10mm billet Beadlock ring combines with eight aggressively styled split spokes to create a wheel that is head-turning, lightweight, and strong.

And it’s backed by the System 3 Lifetime Warranty. The Beadlock uses 5/16-inch grade 8 bolts and has a 1,200-pound load rating. The SB-4 Beadlock is available now in Bronze or Matte Black finishes.

Final Thoughts

In all fairness, you’ll get all the bang for your buck regardless of which option you end up choosing. The difference between all these best UTV tires is minimal, as all of them can cover just about any type of terrain without much effort. All you need is to figure out what size tires fit your UTV the best.

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