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The 800SX Tracker side-by-side is a quiet and capable workhorse. This off-road vehicle has excellent capabilities available in red, True timber Strata Camo, and marsh green colors. 

It comes with a standard vibration-reducing frame in addition to its 50HP whisper-quiet engine. Moreover, it has abundant storage options and a reliable powerhouse for work and plays to ensure its adaptability to various functions and activities. 

Out of the Box…

With this off-road vehicle, you can do, go and take what you want and bring it all back home. The 2022 800SX version has been updated to offer a better throttle response, improved acceleration, and all-new suspension with more than 12 inches of ground clearance to improve the quality of the ride. 

Adding to these capabilities, it comes with a 1000-lb capacity tilting cargo box, a three-passenger bench seat, and a 2,000-lb towing capacity. 

Key Features

The 800SX offroad vehicle has excellent features with new updates for some features in the current version. The new updates include 12.5” high ground clearance, springs, shocks, black-painted aluminum wheels, Trailbloc clutch, improved throttle response, and acceleration.

Other features remained the same, and they include the following:

  • Pre-installed wiring and accessories
  • Toolless service components with easy-access panels
  • Tilt-bed with lift assist
  • The towing capacity of 2000-lb
  • 10" and 9.5" front and rear suspension travel, respectively
  • 812cc liquid-cooled 3-cylinder Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI)
  • Cargo box capacity of 1,000lb with tilt
  • Standard 75 Amp Alternator
  • Underside full-length polymer skid plate
  • Roll-formed Roll Over Protection System(ROPS)
  • Bench seating for three with storage behind the seat
  • Column shifter in the tilt steering wheel
  • Torque of 48ft-lb

Outstanding Features

Here are the Tracker 800’s overall features:


The off-road vehicle comes with a three-point seat belt, brake lights, and headlights for safety purposes. In addition, it has seat belt speed vomiting, customizable speed controller, Roll-formed ROPS, and half doors.

Storage Components

It has abundant storage options to ensure a versatile and reliable powerhouse that can perform multiple tasks. They include a glove box, 2 cup holders, a cargo dump bed, and behind-the-seat storage.


800SX is built with a beautiful seating area. It has a bench seat that can accommodate three passengers. The passenger seats are also removable for convenience purposes.


The tracker has a warranty of 18 months.


The tracker is built with LED Taillights and beam halogen headlights that range from low to dual high for efficient lighting.


The off-road vehicle comes with a variety of instruments necessary for various activities. There’s an AWD indicator, Digital gauge, Hi-temp to low-batt lights, and a Tachometer. 

Other instruments include an odometer, onboard diagnostics, gear indicator, DC outlet, Digital speedometer, and fuel gauge.

Tracker 800 side-by-side reviews have been very positive for these excellent features from most of its users.


The off-road vehicle satisfies different technical standards. It meets the following specifications:

  • Steering and suspension 
  • Performance
  • Dimensions
  • Engine and drivetrain

Steering and Suspension Specifications

  • Steering is built with a Tilt steering wheel and electronic power steering for steering purposes.
  • It has a gas-charged twin-tube for shock absorbers
  • For rake system, it is built with single and dual-piston rear and front calipers, respectively
  • Built with front and rear tires of 26×9.00-14 and 26×11.00-14, respectively
  • The wheels are made of Aluminum and hence durable
  • It is designed with a Double A-Arm with 10” and a Double A-Arm with 9.5” excellent front and rear suspension travel.

Performance Specifications

The tracker has an excellent performance improved with the 2022 updates.

  • A great payload capacity of 1500lb, which is equivalent to 680.4kg
  • It is a 2000lb or 907.2kg towing capacity
  • The off-road vehicle has a cargo box with an excellent capacity of 1000lb, equivalent to 453.6 kg.

It can use this capacity for different activities, hence a versatile off-road vehicle.


Before purchasing any offroad vehicle, most people want to know its specific dimensions. The 800SX has the following dimensions:

  • 126 inches or 320 cm overall length
  • Overall width of 63 inches equivalent to 160 cm
  • Its overall height is 76 inches which are 192 cm
  • It weighs 1585 pounds or 718.9 kg
  • The wheelbase is 75 inches, equivalent to 215.9 cm
  • It has a 32-inch seat height or 81.3 cm
  • The fuel tank capacity is 10 gallons which are 37.9 liters
  • The ground clearance of this tracker is 12.5 inches or 31.8 cm
  • For its bed dimensions, it measures 40.5×54×11.5 inches or 102.9×137.2×29.2 cm
  • It is built with a standard 2 inch or 5cm receiver


tracker 800 UTV viewed from the side


Engine and Drivetrain Specification

Among the many things that are highly considered in any vehicle before buying are its engine type and capacity. It is the vehicle's primary power source, which burns fuel to produce mechanical power. This means that it is essential to consider the vehicle's engine and make sure it has the capacity and ability to produce the power you need.

The Tracker 800SX has the following engine and drive train characteristics.

  • The engine type is a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, three-cylinder, dual overhead cam gas engine.
  • It has a 50HP horsepower.
  • For fuel system, it has an Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI)
  • It has a high engine displacement of 812 ccs hence more power
  • It has a column shifter gear selection (P, R, N, H, L)
  • A selectable electronic locking rear differential
  • The front differential is two/four WD with an electronic actuator
  • It has a drive system of 2/4 WD with an electronic locking rear differential
  • Its drivetrain is a continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)


The tracker is available in three color options: red, marsh green, and TrueTimber® STRATA Camo. They are all wonderful colors that will make you love your toy.


This Tracker model comes with different accessories for different kits. It has several optional kits, including the following:

  • Trail kit
  • Winter kit
  • Backcountry kit
  • Ultimate storage kit
  • Soft door kit
  • Connected kit

Each kit has its different accessories. The different kits with different accessories are made to satisfy the needs of different users. Therefore, users can select the kit that best suits their needs hence a customized off-road vehicle.

Trail Kit

 It consists of four accessories as follows:

  • Rear poly window
  • Hardtop
  • Full poly windshield
  • Rearview mirror

Winter Kit

This optional kit also contains four accessories. They include the following:

  • Plow Push Frame And Frame Mount
  • Winch Installation Kit
  • 66-IN Steel Plow Blade
  • 4,500 lb. Wire Winch

Backcountry Kit

It has five accessories.

  • Grill Guard
  • Rear Bumper
  • Winch Installation Kit
  • Brush Guards
  • 4500 lb. Wire Winch

Ultimate Storage Kit

The accessories in this optional kit include the following:

  • Under-seat Storage Box
  • Center Console
  • Overhead Storage Console

Soft door Kit

This kit option has five accessories. They include the following:

  • Windshield Full-poly HC w/Vents
  • Roof, Plastic 1-Piece 
  • Doors-soft, Front
  • Mirror-Rear View
  • Rear Window HC Poly

Connected Kit

As an optional kit for the Tracker 800SX, it contains the following accessories.

  • Mount Kit
  • Garmin Tread GPS System

Most Common Limitations of the Tracker 800SX

This model is known for its quiet and capable workhorse with a 50HP engine rating. It was run back and forth on different terrains, including flat fields, open fields, and country roads. 

It runs smoothly without any discomfort in all these areas, and its speed ranges between 45 to 53mph. It is also built with outstanding features to ensure powerhouse reliability and versatility.

However, like any other side-by-side vehicle model, it has limitations and downsides. Below are some of the problems users may encounter with the 80SX side-by-side model.

Charging Instability

Users may encounter the engine cranking when the engine suffers from charging instability. In addition, the engine dimming light or lack of electronic flow in the system may also mean charging instability. 

The electrical components may also suffer or fail to respond correctly. This problem is common with most utility problems and often arises when the battery has unstable charging, and this model is not an exception.

According to the model's manual, this problem can arise from connection issues of wires and cables. It can also be caused by a loose or broken serpentine belt and poor condition of the alternator and regulator.

Transmission Problem

Users have also encountered some transmission issues with this side-by-side model. When shifting between the first and second gear, they have experienced automatic transmission failure and fluid leakage from the front side. 

If the transmission failure is not corrected on time, it can lead to the ignition system and starter stopping functioning after miles of operations. 

It can also occur when the transmission becomes too warm. However, it mostly happens when users fail to take proper care. It is a rather tricky issue to deal with by yourself and therefore contacting the nearest dealer or visiting the nearest service center is the best option.

Starter Failing To Engage

Users may also encounter the problem of the engine starting while turning on the key. You may hear unusual sounds like constant buzzing when the engine is not cranking. 

Other unusual sounds that you may here are grinding noise, whirring sound, and loud clicking when the starter motor fails to engage. Starter motor failure is mainly due to low battery charge. In case of a low battery, recharge to 100% and try restarting. 

The failure may also be because of defective components like a key switch and start relay. In this case, you only need to replace the defective components. The engaging failure may also be due to loose wiring connections or disconnected wires. Check the wire connections, and you are good to go.

Battery Not Charging

If you encounter a hard time to start, slow to crank, failing to start, and stalling, it may be because of battery connections or wires. It can also happen when the battery is not charging, starving for a charge. 

The problem mainly occurs when the battery cables and wires become loose, open, or shorted. It is an easy fix issue that only requires tightening the loose wires and connections and repairing and replacing them as and when required. It can also result from a loose turpentine belt. 

It can also be due to a faulty regulator or alternator. If the battery is not charging, check all possible areas and take the necessary steps.

Battery Rapidly Discharging

Battery discharging too often and more quickly than usual is another common issue with a utility vehicle. It is also familiar with 800SX and can result from several issues.

  • Sulfide or short-circuited battery
  • Excessively loaded electrical system
  • Faulty charging system


The 800SX side-by-side vehicle is a first-class off-road vehicle with superior ground clearance and suspension quality. In addition, it has amazing qualities like EFI and CVT for improved overall performance. Apart from all these great qualities, there are also possible issues.