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Can-Am has hit its stride by combining comfort and ruggedness in its new UTV lineup. These machines come with great hauling and towing capabilities, outstanding handling and power, and many other amenities to suit your needs. This article will examine what the brand new 2022 Can-Am Defender is all about.


Can-Am manufacturers spared no detail as they came up with the Defender. As a result, it feels that it is specially made for you. 

The manufacturers borrowed the idea from the auto industry. The designers took the time to design it well and thought it out before putting it together. By looking at the vehicle's sleek exterior, you can tell that the manufacturer put much effort and dedication into its styling.


The Can-Am Defender is a machine that rolls up its sleeves and gets the job done. This workhorse has a brand-new Rotax single-cylinder engine. This engine has a power output of 52 horsepower and a torque output of 41 pound-feet. It's attached to a PDrive main CVT that includes electronic drive belt protection and engine braking.

This engine was custom designed for off-road usage. It has a dual overhead camshaft design that provides better airflow and efficiency. As a rider, you will notice a more immediate response from this machine. It also has electronically-controlled automated modes, distributing torque and power to its wheels. This feature makes it simpler to operate the Defender regardless of the condition.

It also has electronically-controlled automated modes, distributing torque and power to its wheels. This feature makes it simpler to operate the Defender regardless of the road condition. In addition, WORK and ECO engine modes are accessible and selectable, allowing you to pick between power and fuel efficiency whenever you need it.

It reacts swiftly to your input, quickly adapting to any riding conditions, providing a smooth and responsive ride. Echo mode has no speed or torque limitation and is optimized for recreational use with no load or a light workload. On the other hand, work mode provides much more power and torque, especially while driving through rugged terrains.


Also, thanks to its potent Rotax engine, the Defender features electronic hill-descent control to maintain maximum control while riding up and down steep areas. However, the Defender's suspension is not as sophisticated as you might think. In the front, it utilizes a double A-arm, which uses twin-tube gas dampers to attenuate unbranded coil springs, providing 10-inches of travel. 


There's more to style than looks for the Defender. The longer and wider chassis offers a sporty handling style that will deliver the performance you need and fantastic comfort features that come in handy after a long day's work. Twin-pair gas shocks are used for the rear and front twisting trailing A-arms to provide a 10-inch travel suspension. 

Also, because driving is fun, the Defender draws the line between work and play. You will always look forward to getting out of bed every morning to go for a drive. Some Defender trims feature electronic power steering, making it easy to drive efficiently on any road. In addition, all Defender trims have amazing braking abilities. They feature dual 220mm vented disc brakes with mechanical twin-piston calipers.

The HD5 motor option has a single 220mm vented rear disc with hydraulic twin-piston calipers, whereas the HD8 and HD10 engine options have dual 220mm vented discs with hydraulic single-piston calipers.

Features and Accessories

Top-notch accessories and features are part of this machine's DNA. Across the different categories of the Defender are updated lineups of doors and caps, featuring half doors, outdated soft doors, deluxe doors with power windows, among others.

The different variations of these Defender doors make getting through your busy days more manageable. Even if you're never sitting for more than five minutes, it will be easier to get in and out of your Defender. 

The Defender also has tools to organize and load your cargo box. These tools help create additional storage spaces. Whether it's a tailgate extension cargo rack or loadout rack, they can all be installed and repositioned efficiently.

It also has a great lighting system. It features four halogen beam headlights which produce an adequate overall output of 140 watts. LED taillights are also standard. The Defender's battery is charged by a 650-watt magneto, which gives 12-volt electricity to all accessories. You can also charge your mobile devices thanks to its available 20-amp 12-volt outlet.

Using the available link attachment system on the Defender, you can do so much of a single accessory. Link accessories come in smaller sizes which makes them more versatile. You can easily install them on any surface with the signature diamond shape.


view of the Can-Am Defender's steering wheel and dashboard

Payload Capability

The Can-Am Defender has the highest towing and hauling capacity of any UTV today. It can tow up to 3000. Whether you're transporting bales of fertilizer or wood and farm equipment, this machine is up to the task. In some trims, you may lower the tailgate to carry up to 250 pounds when the sides are removed to create more space. You can transport almost anything with this machine thanks to its expanded wheelbase.


The Can-Am Defender review is incomplete without mentioning comfort. While you might not prioritize your comfort, Can-Am does. Regardless of choosing a single bench seat option, there's plenty of room in the Defender.

It has enough room in the front for three adults. However, the crew cab design comfortably accommodates up to 6 adults with ample head and legroom. It also has space to inhabit a small family or your weekend beer-drinking friends. The seats are contoured, and the door frames are padded to keep you in position when you step inside. 

The Defender is not just roomy and elegant looking, but the controls are also easy to use as you drive. They're within easy reach thanks to improved insulation and sealing, and every ride is quiet. You also do not have to worry about temperature regulation in the Defender. Throughout all seasons, its temperature control system makes it significantly more comfortable. 


The Defender may be a basic machine with little to no sophistication. However, that is not the case. It has a list of various electronic features. They include the following:

  • A 4.5-inch digital display
  • Tachometer
  • Odometer
  • Speedometer
  • Clock
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Temperature regulator


Some trims of the Defender have high-quality audio systems. They have four eight-inch overhead speakers that surround you with sound. There is also a bit more ambiance in the Defender's interior. This is thanks to LED lights in the speakers. 

Can-Am partnered with JL Audio to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality listening experience as you drive around. A Defender audio roof is also available for the top three trim and Max models. On top of that, they have two additional speakers to cover the rear seats. This makes the ultimate sound system for any Defender.


One of the best features of the Can-Am Defender is that it has so much storage capacity. For example, its bench seats have storage beneath them, where you can remove the glove box to store your tools, and the bed provides plenty of room to carry cargo.

The bed also features bucket holding loops and molded walls which enable you to organize your belongings. with dividers. You can also use the tailgate for storage since it has cap recesses. You can get the most out of every element of your Defender.


There are various trims of the Can-Am Defender. These trims include the following:

  • Defender XT MSRP
  • Defender DPS MSRP
  • Defender DPS Cab MSRP
  • Defender MSRP
  • Defender X MR MSRP
  • Defender Limited MSRP

Across these trims, there are three distinctive engine options, various Defender sizes, tire sizes, and so much more. Picking out the ideal trim is a personal decision based on taste and likes. To help you choose the best Defender for you, here is a detailed review of some of these trims.

Unless you're looking to buy a UTV Defender machine with an enclosed cab or one with aggressive mud machine capabilities, the more economical Defenders will suffice. The base trim (MSRP) has an HD5 single-cylinder with a 38-horsepower output engine. However, it lacks features such as power steering and cast-aluminum wheels, but it does come with up to 11-inch ground clearance. 

You can access Dynamic Power Steering if you choose to buy the DPS. Also, you get to choose between the HD5, HD8, or HD10 engines options in this trim. It also comes available in four color variations as well as aluminum wheels. The Defender XT features a full roof, XT front bumpers, full skid plates, and a 4,500-pound winch with roller fairlead. Its available engine options are HD8 and HD10. 

The Defender DPS cab only has the smaller HD8 Vtwin engine. In addition, it is an encased cab with an air conditioning system available. The Defender Limited, on the other hand, has a bigger HD10 Vtwin motor, XT front bumpers, and 4500lb winch than the DPS Cab.

The Defender X MR is a unique trim made to traverse through muddy terrains. Unfortunately, it only comes available with an HD10 Vtwin. However, it includes full skid plates, a solid front steel bumper, mudguards, aluminum sliders, LED lights, a 4,500lb repositioning winch with composite and roller cables, and a unique 7.6-inch digital display with special features.


If you are looking for a new UTV, Can-Am Defender is a good choice. It comes with many features that will bring joy and happiness to you. The Defender has you covered, from best-in-class towing capabilities for everyday work to all the amenities a family might need for a vacation. You can easily go to work in any weather. Buy yours while stocks last.