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RZR Pro R Accessories: Essential Upgrades for Peak Performance

The thrill of off-roading in a side-by-side vehicle is an experience like no other, combining adventure with the raw power of nature. Among these rugged machines, the RZR Pro R stands out with its exceptional capability and versatility, providing a base for countless customization options. For enthusiasts looking to enhance their ride, aftermarket accessories are not just embellishments; they are crucial for safety, performance, and comfort.

When considering accessories for the RZR Pro R, it's essential to evaluate each addition's practicality and durability. Upgrades such as protective gear, lighting systems, and storage solutions can transform the vehicle, tailoring it to specific terrains or personal preferences. Quality materials and construction are key, as these accessories will need to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered off-road.

Critical factors in selecting accessories include fit compatibility with your RZR Pro R model and the intended use. Will you be navigating rocky terrain, racing across dunes, or enduring muddy paths? Choose enhancements that offer protection and utility matched to these conditions. For instance, skid plates and rock sliders are indispensable for rocky terrains, while a high-powered light bar is essential for night rides.

We invested our expertise in evaluating a wide array of accessories tailored for the RZR Pro R, ensuring that we recommend options that notably improve the riding experience. Whether it's about maximizing safety or enhancing comfort, our selected accessories are set to meet the diverse needs of off-road aficionados.

Top Picks for RZR Pro R Accessories

In our quest to enhance the RZR Pro R experience, we scoured the market for accessories that not only elevate performance but also ensure durability and convenience. Our carefully selected range promises to meet the needs of the most discerning off-road enthusiasts. Each item on our list stands out for its exceptional design and proven functionality, aimed at making your adventures more thrilling and comfortable. Whether you're looking to improve safety, storage, or style, our roundup includes the best RZR Pro R accessories that merit a spot in every rider's collection.

SAUTVS Fender Flares for RZR

These SAUTVS Fender Flares are a budget-friendly upgrade for riders looking to minimize mud spray and enhance their vehicle's aesthetics.


  • Enhances vehicle protection against debris
  • Fits well with the vehicle’s original style
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Some drilling required for fitment
  • Assembly of multiple pieces may be challenging
  • Instructions could be clearer

After bolting on the SAUTVS Fender Flares, we immediately noticed the extended coverage they offer. They have a design that meshes well with the rugged appearance of our RZR Pro R, providing a factory-installed look. Riding through muddy terrain, these flares did an excellent job slinging mud away from the vehicle, keeping us significantly cleaner than without them.

The durable HDPE material feels sturdy, a trait we appreciate when considering the harsh conditions off-road vehicles endure. We found that these fender flares can stand up to various weather situations, which is crucial for an accessory that's meant to protect both rider and ride.

Installation was mostly straightforward, despite the initial intimidation of having to drill into our beloved side-by-side. The necessary hardware came included, although we recommend taking your time with the instructions to ensure every step is clear. After assembly, the satisfaction of the more aggressive look and the functionality was well worth the effort.

KEMIMOTO Screen Protector for RZR

We believe off-road enthusiasts should consider this screen protector because it provides excellent protection without sacrificing screen clarity.


  • Effortless to install with a perfect alignment to the screen
  • Robust scratch resistance keeps displays looking new
  • Maintains the touchscreen's high visibility


  • Installation requires attention to avoid dust or bubbles
  • May need to replace if not installed carefully
  • Limited to specific Ride Command touchscreens

Having just outfitted our RZR with the KEMIMOTO Tempered Glass Screen Protector, we're impressed by the ease of installation. It's a true one-to-one fit, which means we spent less time fiddling and more time ready to hit the trails. Once installed, this protector fades into invisibility, doing its job without altering the Ride Command screen's crystal-clear imagery.

Riding through rugged terrain, our screens confront a lot of abuse. Thankfully, the KEMIMOTO's 9H hardness rating becomes evident as it resists scratches seamlessly, even when we accidentally brush it with tools or gear. It's reassuring to know the screen beneath is shielded from the worst we throw at it.

One feature we can't overlook is the clarity retained through this protector. The touch sensitivity remains impeccable, and the display's vibrancy is unhindered. Ending the day with a dusty, smeared screen isn't a concern anymore since a simple wipe-down returns it to pristine condition.

Remember, although installation is straightforward, rushing might trap dust under the protector or leave bubbles. Take the time to line it up perfectly and clean your screen thoroughly beforehand. Also, while it's incredibly durable, it's not indestructible; a heavy-handed approach can lead to cracks, necessitating a replacement. And keep in mind, this isn't a universal fit – it's made for the 7-inch Ride Command, so check your model's compatibility before purchasing.

Ruuged Radios Pro R communication Kit

The Polaris RZR PRO, XP Turbo R, Pro R Complete Communication Kit by Rugged Radios is designed to enhance communication for riders.


  • Enhances in-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Custom mounting for UTVs ensures a perfect fit
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls
  • Auto music-dimming for easy conversation
  • High-quality audio with a high output amplifier
  • Choice of intercom and radio types to suit user needs


  • The initial cost may be a consideration for some buyers
  • Installation may require some technical knowledge or assistance

This kit allows for seamless conversation between passengers, connection with other vehicles, music streaming, and phone calls. It includes a custom mounting solution for a perfect fit in your UTV, headsets or helmet kits for easy talking, and Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls. The kit also features an auto music-dimming function for uninterrupted conversation and a high output amplifier for quality audio. Additionally, it offers a choice between high fidelity and true stereo intercoms, and between GMRS and Business Band radios for long-range communication.

KEMIMOTO Front Camera

We think the KEMIMOTO front camera is a solid choice for RZR Pro R owners looking to enhance their riding safety and convenience with its wide visual range and HD quality.


  • Exceptional viewing angle for anticipating terrain challenges
  • Crisp image clarity facilitates better navigation
  • Built to withstand various environmental conditions


  • Installation may require some technical comfort
  • Cable length could be limiting depending on setup
  • Some front bumpers may obstruct the camera view

When taking the RZR Pro R out on a trail, the importance of a clear, wide view of what's ahead cannot be underestimated. Just last weekend, we put the KEMIMOTO front camera's 170-degree viewing angle to the test on a rocky descent. The wide perspective it provided was crucial for avoiding hidden obstacles and making precise maneuvers in tight places.

The camera's 720P HD images came through crystal clear even as dusk approached. Riding into the evening sometimes plays havoc with lesser cameras, but not this one. The six layers of glass lenses really seemed to make a difference in enhancing the image quality, which bolstered our confidence when navigating through unfamiliar tracks.

Considering how unpredictable off-road conditions can be, we were impressed with the camera's ability to shrug off the elements. Whether plowing through muddy puddles or caught in a sudden downpour, the IP67 waterproof rating held true—no foggy or blurred vision to report. And that aluminum alloy casing? We didn't have to worry about the usual sticks and stones that cause scratches and dents. The installation was pretty straightforward for us, though we recommend watching the installation video first to avoid any hiccups. The most tricky part was ensuring the camera was aligned properly before tightening it down.

Trinity Racing Pro R Slip-On Exhaust

The Trinity Racing Pro R Slip-On Exhaust for the RZR Pro R enhances performance with a stainless steel design, contributing to a robust sound and increased horsepower. Specifically, it offers a 10-horsepower boost with the exhaust alone and up to 15 horsepower when paired with an ECU tune.


  • Significant horsepower increase
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Made in the USA


  • Higher upfront cost compared to standard exhausts
  • May require additional tuning for optimal performance

This performance enhancement is coupled with a durable stainless steel muffler body, precision laser-cut and welded for quality. The product is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and reliability.

SAUTVS Rear Cargo Box

We recommend this storage solution for its robustness and ease of use, which enhances the RZR Pro R's utility.


  • Enhances storage capacity significantly without compromising style
  • Protects valuables from dust and water with a tight seal
  • Installation is a breeze, offering convenience and time savings


  • Limited to the RZR Pro R series, not a universal fit
  • Not designed as a cooler for those needing dual functionality
  • Only available in standard polypropylene without color options

Having recently equipped our RZR Pro R with the SAUTVS Rear Cargo Box, we immediately noticed the difference. Trail rides often necessitate carrying extra gear, and this cargo box didn't just add space—it did so without altering the RZR's sleek look.

Worries about dust and water intrusion faded quickly. After a ride through rather unforgiving terrain, we checked our gear to find everything inside the cargo box was as clean and dry as when we set out. That's testament enough to the storage box's tight seal.

A concern we often have is the installation process, which can be daunting with aftermarket accessories. Not the case here. The SAUTVS box slotted into place effortlessly, locking securely onto our RZR Pro R. When we returned, removing the bin was just as straightforward, emphasizing the user-friendly design SAUTVS has implemented.

A minor caveat for the RZR enthusiasts out there—the cargo box is a snug fit specifically for the Pro R lineup. If you've got a different model, you'll need to look elsewhere. Another point to note is while it does a stellar job protecting your belongings, it's not equipped to double as a cooler. So, for our off-road picnics, we'll still need to pack a separate ice chest. And although the polypropylene build is sturdy, some might miss the opportunity to customize the color to match their vehicle.

In conclusion, the SAUTVS Rear Cargo Box provides a reliable and secure storage option for RZR Pro R owners seeking to maximize their ride’s capacity. Despite minor limitations, its advantages significantly enrich the off-roading experience.

Polaris RZR Pro R Light Bar Bundle | ATC

IThis kit is designed to give you everything you need to tackle the desert or the dunes all in one box. This kit fits all pro platforms with a stock roll cage. Pro XP, Pro XP Turbo, Turbo R, and Pro R both 2 seater and 4 seater models.


  • Brilliant Illumination: The light bar provides exceptionally bright and clear lighting, which has significantly improved my visibility during night rides. The difference is like night and day compared to the stock setup.
  • Durability: Designed specifically for rugged terrains, this light bar has withstood every challenge I've thrown at it. Mud, rain, or rocky paths, the build quality ensures it remains unscathed.
  • Easy Installation: The bundle came with everything needed for a straightforward installation. It was a breeze to set up, and I appreciated not having to hunt down additional parts or tools.
  • Sleek Design: Not only is it functional, but it also adds an aggressive, stylish look to my RZR, making it stand out even more.


  • Price Point: It's a bit on the pricier side, but for the quality and performance you get, I see it as a worthy investment for serious off-roaders.
  • Battery Impact: It's worth noting that the powerful lights can draw a fair amount of power, so keeping an eye on your battery's health is advisable.

Overall, the Polaris RZR Pro R Light Bar Bundle by All Terrain Concepts has exceeded my expectations. It's an essential upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their night riding experience and safety.


We think these storage bags are a must-have for any RZR owner who values durability and convenience.


  • Adds significant storage space with ease of access
  • High-quality material that is both durable and water-resistant
  • Quick and straightforward installation process


  • Some factory screws may be too short for proper installation
  • Stitching around bolt holes may be too thick, hindering fitment
  • Additional hardware may be required for optimal installation

After taking the KEMIMOTO storage bags out on the trails, we really appreciated the convenience they added to our RZR. Not only do they provide ample space for essentials, but they also feature smart details like a key hook, which means no more fumbling around for keys when it's time to head home.

The material impressed us, as it demonstrated strong resistance to scratches and tears — a testament to its high-quality Oxford fabric. Even in a splash or two, our belongings remained dry thanks to the water-resistant backing and zipper design. These bags definitely held up to the rugged off-road environment.

Installation was generally a breeze, aligning neatly with the stock door frames. However, a heads-up for future buyers: you may want to have some spare, longer bolts on hand. Despite this slight hiccup, the padded knee area — which is removable for more space — was a thoughtful addition that bolstered both comfort and storage versatility.

Using these KEMIMOTO bags, it's easy to keep gear organized and secure while bouncing over rough terrain. While some may need a bit of DIY improvisation for perfect fitment, the benefits of having such robust and convenient storage accessible within our RZR's cabin made it worthwhile.

Buying Guide

Assessing Your Needs

Before making any purchases, we need to consider the terrain we'll be navigating with our RZR Pro R and the type of riding we most frequently do. For comfort, we look for good suspension if we're planning on trail riding or going off the beaten path. Additionally, protection elements like skid plates and brush guards are essential for rugged terrain.

Prioritizing Quality and Durability

The materials and construction of accessories will largely influence their lifespan and performance. We focus on high-grade materials that offer maximum durability and weather resistance. Metal parts should be powder-coated to prevent rust, while fabrics need to be tear-resistant and UV protected.

Compatibility and Fit

We ensure that the accessories specifically fit the RZR Pro R model. Incorrect fitting can lead to parts being non-functional or even damaging the vehicle. Accurate measurements and model verification are critical.

Safety Features

Feature Importance
Roll cages High
4-Point Harnesses Medium
Fire extinguishers Medium

Safety must never be compromised. Roll cages and harnesses boost our security in the event of a rollover, and fire extinguishers are prudent for fire risks.

Practicality and Function

We weigh the practicality of each accessory, considering whether it enhances the ride experience or provides a solution to a challenge we often face. Storage solutions for long trips or lighting for night riding are evaluated for their functionality.

When selecting products, we don't let flashy features distract us from our core needs. We maintain a clear, informed perspective, always favoring the most practical and reliable choices that ensure a safer and more enjoyable ride without succumbing to unnecessary extras.