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The Kawasaki TERYX KRX 1000 4-seater has made quite an impact on the UTV scene with its introduction, extending the joy and utility of off-roading to more passengers. Recognizing the rising demand for family-friendly or group-oriented off-road vehicles, Kawasaki has responded by creating a four-seater version of the acclaimed TERYX KRX 1000. This model retains the performance and features of the original two-seater, while adding the capacity to bring along additional companions on your off-road adventures.

 Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-Seater Review

Our exploration of this vehicle will dive comprehensively into what sets it apart from its competitors, analyzing the blend of power, design, and features that it offers. We'll look into its performance statistics to understand the kind of experience one can expect while maneuvering through challenging terrains. Additionally, we'll weigh the pros and cons, taking into account the value provided against its pricing, as well as drawing insights from owner reviews to wrap up a well-rounded overview. This article aims to guide potential buyers and enthusiasts alike through a nuanced look at the Kawasaki TERYX KRX 1000 4-seater, giving you all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • The KRX 1000 4-seater extends the TERYX line with added passenger capacity.
  • It maintains a balance between rugged performance and user comfort.
  • Analysis includes detailed comparison, value assessment, and user feedback.

Overview of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-Seater

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-Seater sits on a rugged off-road trail, surrounded by rocky terrain and towering trees. The sun shines down on the vehicle, showcasing its sleek design and powerful presence

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-Seater, specifically the 2024 model, boasts next-level capability for off-road enthusiasts. This model, designed to handle challenging terrain, is equipped with advanced features for performance and comfort.

Key Details:

  • Engine: 999cc parallel-twin
  • Seating Capacity: 4
  • Suspension: Long-travel with FOX 2.5 LSC Piggyback Shocks (upgraded versions with electronic suspension also available)
  • Winch: WARN® VRX 45 powersport winch included

Our assessment highlights the machine's spacious interior, designed to comfortably accommodate four passengers. The 999cc engine provides a robust power output, suitable for conquering a range of conditions. Ground clearance is generous, ensuring obstacles are traversed with ease, and the frame is notably rigid, contributing to overall vehicle durability.

Features including over 50 Kawasaki Genuine Accessories offer customization options, allowing owners to tailor the vehicle to their specific preferences and requirements. The integration of high-quality shocks and suspension systems elevates rider comfort and the UTV's off-road capability.

In summary, the 2024 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 4-seater is built for the adventurer seeking performance and reliability on rugged terrains, making it an attractive choice for both casual and serious off-roaders.

Performance Specifications

In our review of the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000, we focus on the raw specs that make this UTV stand out. From engine prowess to handling capabilities, here's what makes the KRX4 1000 a top contender.

Engine and Power

  • Engine: 999cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder DOHC
  • Maximum Power: Approximately 112 hp
  • Turbocharged: Available in specific models, provides significant power boost

The KRX4 1000 is equipped with a robust 999cc, 4-stroke engine. Our tests ascertain it to be a strong competitor when it comes to horsepower, especially if you opt for the KRX 1000 Supercharger Kit, which amplifies the adventure with increased output.

Transmission and Drivetrain

  • Transmission: CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with centrifugal clutch
  • Drivetrain: Selectable 2WD/4WD with locking front differential

The CVT ensures smooth power delivery while the centrifugal clutch maintains tension, preventing belt slippage under heavy loads. The drivetrain of the KRX4 1000 features a user-friendly layout that allows easy switching between 2WD and 4WD, offering versatility and improved traction for various terrains.

Suspension and Handling

  • Front Suspension: Dual A-arms with 18.6 inches of wheel travel
  • Rear Suspension: Trailing arms with 21.1 inches of wheel travel
  • Steering: Speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Handling is critical in a UTV, and the KRX4 1000 excels with its extensive wheel travel and advanced suspension system. The Fox 2.5-inch Live Valve internal bypass shocks provide ample bump absorption, sharpening the vehicle's responsiveness. The EPS adjusts assistance according to speed, ensuring stable and comfortable steering even on the most rugged terrain.

Design and Features

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater stands tall in a rugged off-road setting, with its powerful design and features highlighted in the foreground

In our examination of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater, we prioritize robust construction and innovative features that contribute to its appeal for both rugged outdoor activities and leisurely outings.

Exterior Design

The Kawasaki KRX 1000's exterior design is built for the outdoors with a muscular stance that implies durability and capability. Its double-wishbone front suspension and four-link trailing arm rear suspension grant it impressive wheel travel, 19 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, allowing it to navigate tough terrain with ease.

Interior Comfort and Space

Inside, the Kawasaki KRX 1000 is designed with comfort in mind, providing ample room for four passengers. The well-contoured seats and intelligently laid-out cabin ensure that every occupant enjoys the ride, even when traversing the most challenging trails.

Technology and Connectivity

Though our focus is rugged performance, the KRX 1000 doesn't skimp on technology. It features up-to-date digital instrumentation and an advanced electronic power steering system that adapts to changing terrain. However, details regarding infotainment and connectivity specifically for this model are limited, suggesting a more utilitarian approach over luxury tech amenities.

Safety and Durability

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4 seater is showcased in a rugged outdoor setting, highlighting its safety features and durable construction

In evaluating the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000, we focus on two critical aspects that are fundamental to the off-roading experience: safety features and build quality. These areas ensure that riders can trust in the vehicle’s ability to protect and persevere through challenging conditions.

Safety Features

The Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000 comes equipped with a range of safety features that are designed to safeguard passengers on rugged terrains. One pivotal safety element is the robust roll cage that provides structural integrity in the event of overturns. The seats are bolstered with three-point seatbelts, and there is the inclusion of safety nets for added protection. Moreover, the vehicle boasts LED lighting for heightened visibility during night rides or in low light conditions. Together, these features demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

Build Quality and Durability

When it comes to build quality, the KRX4 1000 is constructed to withstand tough conditions. It features a high-tensile steel frame that offers both strength and flexibility, crucial for durability off-road. The suspension components are heavy-duty, ensuring they can absorb the shocks and stresses encountered on uneven landscapes. This model's skid plates and robust a-arms are also noteworthy, diligently guarding key undercarriage elements from harsh impacts. These design choices underscore Kawasaki’s dedication to durability.

Model Comparison

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater sits on a rugged terrain, surrounded by other off-road vehicles. The sun shines down, highlighting its sleek design and powerful presence

In our examination of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater, we focus on its standing among competitors and evaluate its features relative to other models in the market.

Competitors in the Market

The Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000 faces stiff competition in the UTV sector. Notable rivals include the Polaris RZR XP 4 1000, Can-Am Maverick X3 Max, and the Honda Talon 1000X-4. Each model offers distinct features targeting various off-road experiences.

  • Polaris RZR XP 4 1000: Known for robust performance with a strong after-market support network.
  • Can-Am Maverick X3 Max: Boasts powerful turbocharged engines, appealing to speed enthusiasts.
  • Honda Talon 1000X-4: Presents a balance of agility and reliability, with a unique dual-clutch transmission attracting riders who prefer an automotive-like feel.

Key Differences and Similarities

When comparing the Kawasaki KRX4 1000 to its rivals, there are several key attributes to consider:

  • Power and Performance: While the KRX4 1000 shines with a durable build designed for extreme landscapes, it may be a bit slower compared to the average sport rig’s speed and agility.
  • Comfort and Capacity: The KRX4 1000's addition of two seats over the two-seater model is noteworthy, offering unbelievably comfortable seating for four passengers without compromising much on handling.
Feature Kawasaki KRX4 1000 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max Honda Talon 1000X-4
Engine Non-Turbocharged Twin-Cylinder Turbocharged Twin-Cylinder
Performance Robust & Durable Fast & Agile High-Speed Focused Balanced & Nimble
Comfort Spacious for Four Sport-Optimized Comfortable Automotive Feel
After-Market Support Growing Extensive Substantial Moderate

It's clear that the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000 does not negotiate on comfort or capability, even as a four-seater, maintaining its trademark robust build for off-road challenges. However, in contrast to some other sport UTVs, the KRX4's larger size might affect its nimbleness on more serpentine trails.

Pros and Cons

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater sits in a rugged off-road setting, surrounded by rocky terrain and dense forest. A clear blue sky and distant mountains provide a picturesque backdrop

When considering the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-Seater, we look at both its advantages and potential drawbacks to give you a comprehensive understanding of this vehicle's capabilities.

Advantages of KRX 1000 4-Seater

Comfort and Space: Our experience with the KRX 1000 4-Seater revels in the comfortable seating for four, which allows us to enjoy off-road adventures without sacrificing comfort.

Smooth Performance: The vehicle's suspension system has been praised for its ability to float over rough terrain, providing a smooth ride. Specific improvements in the eS trim have been pointed out by UTV Driver, noting the upgrade with FOX shocks, which elevates the driving experience.

Maneuverability: Despite its size, the KRX 1000 manages to maintain a degree of maneuverability that is appreciated on narrow trails and when performing tight maneuvers, as described by Motorcyclist Online.

Potential Drawbacks

Size Constraints: While offering ample space and comfort, the KRX 1000's larger size can be a limitation in extremely tight spaces. Maneuverability might be less agile compared to smaller vehicles – a potential downside highlighted by UTV Driver.

Cost: The cost of the KRX 1000 4-Seater, especially for the specialized trims like the eS and eS Special Edition, is significant. This pricing, as mentioned in the UTV Driver's 2024 Buyer's Guide, may impact our decision-based on the budget.

Interior Simplicity: In comparison to competitors, the KRX 1000's interior is noted to be more simplified. The investment in suspension may come at the expense of fancier interior features, which some users might find lacking, as pointed out in a first look by UTV Driver.

Pricing and Value


When we discuss the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000, it's evident that we're addressing a highly competitive side-by-side market. The KRX4 1000's pricing structure is straightforward and presents considerable value, especially when we consider the included features across the various trims.

Base Model:

  • The base model starts at an MSRP of $27,499.
  • It comes equipped with essentials like FOX 2.5 Podium LSC shocks, and a WARN VRX450 winch.

eS Trim:

  • The eS trim is pegged slightly higher at $28,499.
  • Notable upgrades include the FOX live-valve suspension system, which is part of Kawasaki's Electronic Control Suspension (KECS).

eS Special Edition:

  • At the top, we have the eS Special Edition, with an MSRP of $29,999.
  • This variant adds aesthetic and functional upgrades, making it a comprehensive package.

In terms of value, the KRX4 1000 range offers robust features that justify its pricing. Our insights into the UTV market reveal that Kawasaki doesn't just focus on baseline features. It also incorporates premium elements like the electronic suspension and the live-valve technology in more advanced trims, which are often seen in higher-end competitive models.

Here's a quick comparison (prices shown are MSRP):

Trim Price Key Features
Base Model $27,499 FOX 2.5 Shocks, WARN Winch
eS $28,499 KECS with FOX Live-Valve Suspension
eS Special Edition $29,999 All eS features + Special Edition Upgrades

Our assessment puts a spotlight on the KRX4 1000's balance between cost and quality, affirming that this UTV range stands as a strong contender in terms of value for money within its class.

Owner Reviews and Testimonials

A group of Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater off-road vehicles lined up in a row, with a backdrop of rugged terrain and adventurous landscapes

In our experience, the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000 is often praised for its comfort and capability, especially with room for four passengers. Many of us find that despite its size, the KRX4 handles with remarkable precision, maintaining stability even on challenging terrains.

Here's a snapshot of owner testimonials:

  • Handling: Owners report that it handles like it's on rails, a surprise given its length and capacity for four people.
  • Comfort: We often hear about the unparalleled comfort, highlighted by the grip of the seats fashioned from a jet-ski like material, for secure seating.
  • Suspension Travel: Owners are typically impressed with the nearly 19 inches of front suspension travel and about 21 inches at the back, which is substantial for a vehicle of this class.

We've gathered that the consensus among us is one of satisfaction, underscored by these specific aspects that stand out in the Kawasaki TERYX KRX4 1000 experience. It's not just a utility vehicle; it's a testament to Kawasaki’s ability to craft a UTV that doesn't compromise on performance or enjoyment, even when it's designed for more passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we aim to address common inquiries regarding the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater, providing concise and factual comparisons between various model years, performance insights, and detailed specifications.

What are the key differences between the 2020, 2021, and 2023 models of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater?

The main distinctions between these models lay in upgrades to performance, comfort, and technology features. For instance, newer models have seen enhancements in suspension systems, like the addition of Fox Live Valve shocks in the 2024 models, which offer improved handling. The 2023 and 2024 models may also include updated user interfaces and additional comfort features not present in the 2020 edition.

How does the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater's performance compare to similar 4-seater UTV models?

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater is often praised for its comfortable ride and stability, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor and family adventures. Despite its size, it handles exceptionally well compared to competitors, with a robust suspension system that fares well in various terrains, mentioned in an article about the 2023 edition.

What is the top speed and horsepower of the latest Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater model?

The latest model of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater has a top speed slightly above 70 mph and is equipped with a 999cc engine that produces around 112 horsepower, based on performance tests from Dirt Wheels Magazine.

What improvements have been made to the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater in the most recent model year?

Improvements in the most recent Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater models include enhancements in suspension technology, increased rider comfort, and more responsive handling. Some models have integrated new digital features for better navigation and connectivity.  Rad UTV Parts has a big selection of the Best KRX 1000 Accessories

What are the price ranges for the various trims of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater?

The price ranges for the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater vary according to trim levels, accessories, and additional features. The base models usually start with a lower price point, while specialized trims with more advanced features and optional add-ons can increase the price accordingly.

What are the specifications and dimensions of the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater?

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater typically comes with a length of over 130 inches, a width of around 68 inches, and a height of approximately 75 inches. The vehicle is designed to accommodate four people and is equipped with a robust roll cage for safety. For detailed specs, you would consult the official Kawasaki website or a certified dealer.

What are the Best Accessories for the Kawasaki KRX 1000 4-seater?

1. KRX 4 Fender Flares/Mud Flaps

KRX 4 Fender Flares

  • Enhanced Protection: Significantly reduces wear and tear on the Teryx KRX4 by effectively protecting against rocks and debris thrown up by the tires, ensuring a safer ride for occupants.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The fender flares are designed to complement the overall style of the vehicle, adding a rugged and cool appearance that enhances its visual appeal.
  • Installation: Comes with a complete package including front and rear fender flares, mounting hardware, and an installation manual. Note that the installation requires some drilling, so it's recommended to watch the installation video beforehand for guidance.
  • Fit and Compatibility: Specifically tailored for the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 4 1000, promising a snug and compatible fit with the vehicle's existing contours and design.
  • Durability: No specific mention of the material, but the emphasis on protection suggests a durable build capable of withstanding rough conditions.
  • Value for Money: By saving wear and tear on the vehicle and enhancing its appearance, these fender flares could offer good value for money, assuming the price is in line with the quality and benefits provided.

2. KRX Shift Gate | Rad UTV

KRX 1000 Shift Gate

The KRX 1000 Shift Gate is a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts who demand quick and seamless transitions between low and reverse gears, particularly in challenging situations where precise control can mean the difference between getting stuck and navigating through tough spots successfully. Here's what stands out:

  • Efficiency in Tough Spots: Excellently facilitates the back-and-forth shifting between low and reverse gears, essential for when you're trying to navigate out of tight spots or when stuck. This capability significantly enhances the vehicle's off-road performance and driver's ease of use.

  • Ease of Installation: The shift gate is designed to bolt directly into the factory location, ensuring a hassle-free installation process without the need for any modifications to the vehicle. This plug-and-play convenience makes it an attractive option for all levels of users, from beginners to seasoned mechanics.

  • Build Quality and Design: While specific materials aren't mentioned, the implication of its direct-fit nature suggests a thoughtful design that aligns well with the KRX 1000's existing setup. The durability to withstand the rigors of off-road use would be a key factor in its effectiveness and longevity.

  • Functionality: The product's primary function of enabling quick shifts between low and reverse is a crucial feature for off-road driving, particularly in challenging terrains where such maneuverability is frequently required. It's a straightforward yet impactful enhancement to the vehicle's capabilities.

  • Value Addition: By improving the ease and speed of gear transitions, this shift gate not only enhances the driving experience but potentially reduces the wear and stress on the transmission over time, offering long-term value to the user.

3. Rugged Radios Complete Intercom and Radio Communication Kit

Rugged Radios KRX

The Kawasaki KRX Complete Communication Kit by Rugged Radios revolutionizes the way riders interact within and outside their vehicle, enhancing both safety and enjoyment during rides. Here’s a concise review based on the features you described:

Kawasaki KRX Complete Communication Kit Review

Key Features:

  • Seamless In-Vehicle Communication: The kit allows for clear conversations between passengers without the need to raise voices, thanks to comfortable headsets or helmet kits equipped with auto music-dimming. This feature automatically lowers music volume when conversations start, facilitating effortless, hands-free communication.
  • External Vehicle Communication: Equipped with a push-to-talk (PTT) button conveniently located on the steering wheel or grab-bar, the system makes communicating with other vehicles in your group straightforward. The music volume automatically reduces when transmitting, ensuring crystal clear communication through the high-quality radio system.
  • Entertainment Integration: The kit's Bluetooth connectivity enables easy pairing with smartphones for music streaming and phone calls. It's also compatible with Ride Command, GPS, and other Bluetooth devices, making it a versatile tool for entertainment and navigation. The high output amplifier guarantees top-notch audio quality for an unparalleled music experience.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Enhanced music controls on the intercom's faceplate allow users to navigate their music library with ease, adding to the system’s convenience and user-friendliness.

Installation and Compatibility:

  • The kit boasts a custom mounting solution specifically designed for the Kawasaki KRX, ensuring a perfect fit and streamlined installation process without the need for vehicle modifications.