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When talking about UTV accessories, there are tons of options on the market for different goals. Some are purely aesthetic while others offer a more utilitarian purpose. A few of them cost half the price of an entire UTV whilst others are dirt cheap.

Regardless of these factors, there are certain UTV accessories that you shouldn’t be missing out on, no matter what purpose you’ve purchased the machine for. We will list them by categories to make things easier for you.

UTV Accessories for Extended Battery Life

Your battery is by far one of the most important components in a UTV. If it dries out, you’re stuck in the dirt unless you have the possibility of hauling your UTV all the way back home. Since the battery is so important, here’s how you can make it better.


1. TrueAm UTV Dual Battery Kit

trueam utv dual battery kit

Have you ever wondered how you can boost your battery life in a simple and elegant manner? You can start with the TrueAm UTV Dual Battery Kit. To put it in the most basic phrase possible: it allows you to connect two batteries together. More batteries, more power, and longer battery life.

It’s true, there is certain technical stuff you should know first and foremost. However, as long as you follow the instructions and, preferably, ask an electrician about your UTV and battery combo, this dual battery kit should do wonders for you.


2. NOCO GB20 Boost Sport

NOCO GB20 Boost Sport

Has your battery ever ran out in the middle of the road? Then you know how much of a pain it can be. Now think about it this way: you’re taking your UTV off-road. Your battery dies in the middle of nowhere. You’re literally stuck…

Unless you have the NOCO GB20 Boost Sport ready. To put it in simple terms, it’s a jump-start kit for your UTV. All you have to do is to charge it, and then it will be ready to jump-start the battery up to 20 times. It’s the perfect solution if you can’t afford a new battery at the moment.

UTV Accessories for Enhanced Seating

The way you sit in your UTV can make or break a ride. Sitting correctly and comfortably is a must. However, not all default OEM parts allow everyone to do so. This is where aftermarket parts and manufacturers come into play. That’s why you’re going to want these items:


3. DragonFire Racing HighBack GT Seat

DragonFire Racing HighBack GT Seat

Who doesn’t love a good seat? That’s right, we know you’re just dreaming of comfort as much as the other guy. Well, you can achieve that to a certain extent with the DragonFire Racing HighBack GT Seat.

You can get it right from our website and feel like a gamer while riding an actual UTV in a real setting. Oh, your mom will be so proud of you for finally leaving your house! Jokes aside, we can attest that the seat does indeed offer maximum comfort. And it comes in four color combos as well.


4. Evo UTV Harness Kit by DragonFire Racing

Evo UTV Harness Kit by DragonFire Racing

Coming with a contoured design and an enhanced neck yoke that distributes the vibrations evenly, the Evo UTV Harness Kit is extremely desirable for those seeking comfort. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about getting in and out, as it features an adjustable sternum clip.

Best of all, its unified construction further improves its resistance and offers enough versatility to provide both comfort and safety. The only downside is that it only fits, by default, the Polaris RZR and the Can-Am X3. But we’re sure many users will be able to find a custom fit for it.

UTV Accessories for a Seamless Audio Experience

Of course you want to put some music while rockin’ on a dirt road. Who doesn’t? Music and communication make every UTV ride unforgettable. Everybody should take a look at the following beauties. 


5. PowerBass XL-1200 Soundbar

PowerBass XL-1200 Soundbar

Do you want to throw an outdoor party with some of your mates? Then you can’t miss out on the PowerBass XL-1200 Soundbar, one of the finest audio offerings that money can buy. You don’t need to worry about rain or dust, as this soundbar has integrated protection against the elements.

Not only that, but you can also use the soundbar with your UTV’s audio system or your smartphone via an AUX input or by pairing the soundbar via a Bluetooth connection.


6. Sena OUTRUSH Modular Smart Bluetooth Intercom Helmet

Sena OUTRUSH Modular Smart Bluetooth Intercom Helmet

By combining style and functionality, you get a peculiar helmet with a twist. It’s not just for protection or good looks. It connects to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and allows you to play music, listen to GPS instructions, browse FM radio, and communicate easily with anyone.

This thing can literally save your life in more ways than one. Furthermore, it features a jog dial that allows you to browse through music and menus while driving without distractions. Safety, convenience, and entertainment in one single package.

Eye Protection

If you’re serious about riding that UTV in the dirt, then it’s absolutely necessary to protect your vision. Never neglect your eyes when riding whatever type of vehicle, especially a UTV in an off-road scenario. You can protect your eyes with the following items.


7. 100% Racecraft 2 Goggles

100% Racecraft 2 Goggles

If you want to race in a UTV, then the 100% Racecraft 2 Goggles will provide you with unrivaled protection for your eyes. The ultra-thick triple-layer face foam soaks up sweat. Its anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens do exactly what they say they do. The securing system makes sure that the lens stay as tight as they need to all the time.

On top of all that, the goggles also come with a removable nose guard that protects your nasal area from small rocks, dirt, and other types of debris.


8. 100% 2.0 Racecraft Tearoffs

100% 2.0 Racecraft Tearoffs

There’s not much you can say about these that hasn’t already been said about countless other tearoffs. The difference is that these ones actually keep their promise. They provide an extra layer of protection for your goggles and lenses and they can be easily replaced at all times.

Practically, they prevent water and dust from gathering directly on the lens, and thus they help you see much better during your UTV adventures than you would with simple goggles or another form of face and eye protection alone. The set is super affordable and brings some much-needed protection to where it matters most.

Final Thoughts

That’s about everything you will need as a beginner to start using your UTV either off-road or in a race. And if you’re planning to race with your UTV, we encourage you to follow these rules so that you and every other participant will be as safe as anyone can.

And don’t forget that we have plenty of other products listed on our website. Feel free to browse at will and buy whatever you deem necessary for your UTV and your needs. We promise that you’ll find some amazing offers and decent prices when compared to other similar stores on the market.