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Driving an ATV or UTV requires the use of the best possible protective equipment. Although complete protection is not possible, knowing what to wear and how to wear it can make you feel more comfortable driving and reduce the risk of injury. You should never operate or drive a UTV or ATV without a quality motorcycle helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, sunglasses, long pants, and a long-sleeved jacket.

In this article, we will present you with some things which will help you choose the best off-road goggles for UTV and ATV riding. A lightweight construction, face foam attached, reflective lens, and a comfortable fit are the most important things you should pay attention to. 

Fogging may be a problem for some, but it can be avoided with proper ventilation. Another consideration is the price. Goggles can be costly, but the best part is that you can use anti-fog wipes, which are inexpensive, reusable, and provide up to 12 hours of protection.


There are many goggle models for UTV and ATV riders on the market, but you have to pay attention to some very important details, including weight. They must be lightweight, comfortable, and made of breathable foam. Also, it must also be designed to fit over most prescription glasses.

First of all, they must fit almost any off-road helmet and be made of soft foam fleece in order to give you a full seal against debris. The best lenses are made of foldable polycarbonate and have an antifog and scratch coating.  As for the strap, it must be adjustable and feature silicone beads in order to stay in place.

Quality goggles should be durable and resilient. They should not break easily from heavy impacts, and they have to offer protection to your eyes and face, as well. Lastly, they should give you protection from the sun and debris and offer you clear and comfortable vision in any situation. You'll for sure appreciate the added protection the goggles are providing. It's worth investing in a good and comfortable pair.

Thick material

Goggles are an essential safety gear for off-road riders, but some models do not provide good fogging resistance. This can be a problem for people riding in colder weather, and they should be set up properly to minimize fogging. To combat the problem, you should use antifog wipes. These wipes are inexpensive and reusable and can provide up to 12 hours of fog-free riding.

When choosing goggles for your child, look for quality ones that are durable and will resist heavy impacts. Choose those with a polyurethane frame, which is a flexible material that won't break easily. These goggles also need to be comfortable and durable and should offer good protection for your eyes and face. Look for two or three-layered foam for maximum protection.

For the youth market, you can opt for NENKI goggles, which are quite good for a budget option. These goggles feature a high-quality TPU frame, triple-layer foam inner padding, and a grippy strap for a better fit. In addition, the lens is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, and the Dmeixs brand goggles have a UV400 protection rating.

Goggles that offer 100% protection against wind, sun, and dust are the best. In addition to these features, a good pair of goggles should also be comfortable and lightweight. These goggles should fit well over prescription glasses, too. As with all safety gear, a good pair of goggles will ensure clear visibility for UTV and ATV riders.

Attached face foam

When choosing the best off-road goggles, look for a pair that features attached face foam. The face foam is essential to visual clarity and comfort. It prevents the goggle's frame from digging into the face and serves as a sweatband that keeps the sweat from clouding your vision. Look for goggles with double or triple layers of foam and moisture-wicking and breathable linings.

The lenses should be scratch-resistant and offer UV protection. Polarized lenses are ideal for poor visibility, and tinted lenses are best for bright open spaces. Moreover, the goggles should have a thick, durable face foam lining and a strong strap. Anti-fogging goggles are also highly recommended. These types of goggles protect your eyes from debris, while their attached face foam keeps your face dry and free of moisture.

Another important feature of a good pair of ATV and UTV goggles is tear-off lenses. These are removable and can be cleaned if they become caked in mud or dust. Some riders even install tear-offs on their gear to get a fresh pair of goggles without having to worry about replacing them. In the event of a tear, the tear-off lenses can be replaced easily, preventing muddy goggles from blocking your vision.

When choosing goggles for UTV and ATV riding, be sure to check for a pair with a curved design that offers a larger field of vision. Another important factor is a lens that offers UV protection and does not move. Some goggles do not offer tear-off lenses or a non-irritating foam. To be sure that your goggles fit properly, you should purchase a pair with a thick adjustable strap that does not slip. A silicone strap will work best in keeping the goggles attached to your helmet.

Reflective lens

The reflective lens on UTV and ATV driving goggles can prevent eye strain and improve vision. ATV goggles can help protect your eyes from the harmful glare of oncoming traffic. The best type of UTV and ATV riding goggles has dual anti-fog lenses. You can choose tinted lenses if you ride on trails where visibility is less than ideal. You can also find premium goggles that have a metallic coating, which will enhance the clarity of your view and reduce glare.

Reflective lenses on UTV and ATV riding goggles can also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The lens of these goggles changes color according to UV light conditions. A high-impact Lexan material with a fog-resistant coating helps protect your eyes against dust and other pollutants. They feature a patented ventilation system with a nine-pin design. These goggles are also lightweight and flexible.

Choose a pair of goggles with removable lenses. A good pair of UTV and ATV riding goggles will fit over prescription glasses, but make sure to check them in person before making a purchase. Make sure the goggles fit snugly into the frame and are comfortable on the face. They should not be too heavy and should not be uncomfortable on long rides. You should also look for goggles with a comfortable strap that stays in place when adjusted.

The Fly Racing Zone Goggles are an excellent low-budget choice. They feature a polycarbonate lens with tear-off studs for added safety and comfort. They are lightweight and flexible, and the silicone-lined inside strap helps keep debris from entering the eye. ATV and UTV riding goggles that feature a mirrored lens will help keep debris from getting into your eyes.

The Armega goggles with proprietary HiPER contrast-enhancing lens technology allow you to enjoy an enhanced field of vision, the depth of the terrain you’re commanding, and unparalleled impact protection. In addition, the ULTRA HD lens provides unmatched optical clarity, while the quick-release system offers a simple lens-changing capability. 

Fit overpowered glass

When choosing goggles for UTV and ATV riding, consider the features that you need. You can opt for polarized lenses to increase your visibility on the trail. If you already wear prescription glasses, you can buy a pair of prescription goggles. This way, you can use the goggles without having to wear your prescription glasses too. The most important factor to consider when choosing ATV goggles is the fit of overpowered glass.

The overpowered glass should fit over the face foam. A proper fit will prevent any wind or rain from damaging the eyeglasses. In addition, the goggles should have a high enough amount of ventilation to keep your eyes comfortable even in the worst weather conditions. For more protection, choose goggles with dual-density foam.

If you're using the goggles for ATV or UTV riding, choose one that offers scratch-resistant lenses and UV protection. If you ride on dirt or sandy terrain, choose an ATV goggle with tinted or polarized lenses. Look for goggles with anti-fog technology. And don't forget about the strap. It's just as important to choose a pair with thick straps and a breathable foam lining.

Regardless of the type of goggles you choose, the design of the goggles should fit over your eyeglasses. If the goggles are too loose, you could be in for a shaky ride. Make sure the goggles fit over your glasses and your helmet. It will make a world of difference in your comfort and safety.


You must be able to see clearly in order to drive safely. An object, such as a stone, a branch, or even a beetle hitting you in the face can distract you. You may be blinded if you are hit in the eye without adequate protection. Regular sunglasses will not provide adequate protection while riding an ATV. As you know, specialized sunglasses make some of the best safety aftermarket accessories you can buy once you decide to adventure on a UTV. A face shield or goggles will give you more protection and should be:

  • scratch-free 
  • securely fasten
  • ventilate well to prevent steaming

In addition, you may want to use shades of gray for bright days or yellow for dark days. Always use completely transparent protection at night.

We hope our short guide helps you find the best UTV and ATV goggles for your needs. If you have other questions on how to choose the best goggles for UTV and ATV riding, don’t forget to contact us via our contact form on our website!