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System 3 Offroad XC450 Radial Tires

$235.00 $267.17

The XC450 tire was created to be the most versatile tread pattern in our lineup, designed to cover a wide variety of terrains, from North to South and East to West. The tighter spaced center tread blocks provides excellent handling on hard pack surfaces while incorporating wide spaced shoulder blocks that bite in loose terrains. When combined with the XTR370 inspired carcass specs; this allows for a flexible carcass that provides the flotation needed for the loose terrain and excellent bump absorption. An overall winning combination!


  • 10-ply rated carcass features advanced sidewall construction for a sure footed, comfortable ride.
  • Super-deep rim guard offers unmatched wheel protection.
  • Tread depth .70” to .85”.
  • Assorted sizes available to fit most UTV models

WEIGHT (lbs).

  • 28x10-14 (37lbs)
  • 30x10-14  (41.2lbs)
  • 32x10-14  (45.8lbs)
  • 30x10-15  (41.7lbs)
  • 32x10-15  (45.4lbs)