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PRP 4.2 Auto Buckle Harness

$99.99 $110.99

PRP 4.2 Auto latch Harness: Secure and Comfortable Off-Roading

Enhance your off-road adventures with the PRP Seats 4.2 Auto Buckle Latch Harness. Designed for ultimate safety and comfort, this 4-point harness with 2-inch belts ensures a secure fit during rugged rides.

Key Features:

Automotive-Style Latch: The quick-release latch on the lap belt allows for efficient exits in emergencies, providing peace of mind and ease of use.

Sewn-In Shoulder Pads: Prevent chafing and add extra comfort, making long rides more enjoyable.

EZ Adjusters: Easily adjust the shoulder straps, even when dirty or muddy, ensuring the perfect fit for maximum safety and comfort.

All-Black Hardware: Sleek and stylish appearance with a removable sternum strap for added stability.

Universal Fit: Customize your setup with separately sold hardware. This harness is universal and fits various off-road vehicles.

Gear Up with PRP: Experience unparalleled safety, comfort, and style with the PRP Seats 4.2 Auto Buckle Latch Harness on your next off-road adventure.