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Maverick R 7XL Linkable Roof Light Bar Kit | Baja Designs


Baja Designs 7XL linkable Light bar Can-AM Maverick R


Revamp your Can-Am Maverick R with the cutting-edge Baja Designs 7-XL Linkable, a beacon of innovation tailored for the thrill-seekers. This elite lighting solution bathes your path in a staggering 22,050 raw lumens of focused light, all while maintaining an efficient 14-amp draw. Crafted for versatility, the unique mounting brackets offer up to 45 degrees of vertical adjustment for each light or the entire assembly, affording you unparalleled control over the illumination spread. The option for independent horizontal adjustments allows for a tailored fit, aligning perfectly with your Maverick R's sleek design, whether you prefer a straight or an arched light array.

Included in this all-encompassing kit is the 7-XL Linkable LED Light Bar, precision-engineered mounting brackets, a robust wiring harness with full crimping for reliability, and all the requisite hardware for a swift installation process. Your trail-readiness is guaranteed, complemented by the assurance of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Key Features of the 7-XL Linkable Package:

  • (1) 7XL Linkable Light Bar: A masterpiece of illumination, offering expansive visibility with its 22,050 lumens at a power consumption of 182W / 14.0A.
  • Complete Installation Gear: Includes (1) Wiring Harness and (2) Mounting Brackets, along with all necessary hardware for a seamless installation experience.

The 7XL Linkable Kit includes the following:

(1) 7XL Linkable Light Bar
(1) Wiring Harness
(2) Mounting Bracket
All necessary hardware

Dive into our Can-Am Maverick R collection at Rad UTV Parts for more enhancements. Elevate your night-time adventures with the 7-XL Linkable Light Bar, your trusted companion for unparalleled visibility and style.