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A safety helmet is one of the most important safety features you must have before you go with a UTV. Most of the time, you don't need it, but the second you fall or hit something, it will save you. So, you have to choose the best one.

A quality helmet costs a lot of money, but it's an investment that can save your life. Of course, below a certain price level, you will not find models with sensational features, but still, you can find good quality helmets on the market in terms of quality and for a lower budget.

Don’t forget that the best helmets are certified ones, so ensure you get a product that meets all possible safety standards. UTV falls, and accidents are rare in casual situations, but they can be extremely dangerous when they happen. 

In this article, we'll discuss the best helmets for UTV drivers and what features they offer. We’ll also present you with a few options for the driver's age and briefly describe each. We'll cover helmets from various manufacturers, including the Aviator J., GMAX, and Typhoon. 

Aviator Junior

The Airoh Aviator J. ATV helmet features the same technical features as the adult model. Its lightweight and high-quality materials make it a top choice for off-road use. Its interior is made of moisture-handling fabrics and includes an integrated breath guard and emergency cheek pad release system. It also has a double D-ring retention system and wide, adjustable vents for optimal airflow. Its lining is washable and removable for cleaning.

The most important factor for a high-quality UTV helmet is its design. If you're planning to use your UTV for limited tarmac riding, you'll want a helmet that offers aerodynamics. The Formula Carbon helmet was specifically designed to minimize air pressure on the face while still protecting you from injury. The AGV helmet's sleek, low-profile design keeps air out at high speeds. Designed for UTV drivers of all ages, the AGV helmet also looks great. Its removable peak makes it easy for young drivers to take their helmets with them.

The Tour X4 is a great choice for younger drivers. This lightweight helmet has a wide aperture for a great all-around view. It's comfortable and has a visor, so you won't have to worry about fogging. Its moisture-management design keeps the sweat from building up inside the helmet. The Tour X4 can be worn with goggles or without them.

The Airoh Junior helmet also comes with a set of accessories, including a peak extension, vent covers, and screws. Its high-spec features make it an excellent choice for young riders without tight budgets. The cost of the Airoh Junior helmet is $199, making it a great option for the entire family. If you're looking for a high-quality UTV helmet for the kids, the Airoh Junior is a great option.

Full-face helmets protect the face and are considered the best for fast driving. They have the highest level of protection but are heavier than other styles. Full-face helmets are best for drivers with a strong neck and experience wearing a heavy helmet. They also feature a built-in Acrylic Visor that keeps rain and snow out of the face and prevents gasping for air.

Fly Racing Carbon Formula

A Fly Racing Carbon Formula Helmet is an extremely well-made and protective headgear. The carbon outer shell is 12K carbon fiber, the finest grade of carbon fiber. The helmet is very light, weighing less than three pounds. It has advanced protection against impacts, including the impact from linear and rotational forces. A key feature of this helmet is its comfort. It has class-leading ventilation, allowing the wearer to breathe freely.

The Carbon Formula helmet's advanced impact system minimizes the trauma caused by low-speed impacts. The helmet's impact-distribution system includes cones that disperse the force over the liner, offering excellent cushioning in the case of an accident. In addition, the Fly Carbon Formula helmet is extremely light and features advanced venting systems. As a result, it's lightweight, incredibly strong, and can protect UTV drivers of all ages and abilities.

The Fly Racing Carbon Formula Helmet has an extended front peak and a clean profile. The helmet's design features two vents, one for the head and one for the face. The helmet also features a removable peak for easy adjustment. The Fly Racing Carbon Formula Helmet is available in several styles and has various features for UTV drivers of all ages.

This lightweight helmet is made of carbon fiber and it weighs just over one thousand grams. Its carbon interior is removable and replaceable, making it an excellent choice for ATV drivers of all ages. It also comes with Bluetooth comms to communicate with others in the event of an accident. Its design has won numerous awards and is a popular choice among UTV drivers of all ages.

This innovative helmet offers great ventilation to keep drivers cool while riding. The Fly helmet has numerous vents for proper airflow. The chin vent and front vents are both incredibly effective. The vents keep the cold air coming in, while allowing moisture to escape and dry quickly. Its innovative venting system also offers plenty of space to accommodate goggles and other gear. The price is right, too, with an MSRP of under six hundred dollars.


Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, GMAX Helmets for UTV drivers of all ages offer various features to protect your head and neck. The DOT-approved GM11 is lightweight, comfortable, and made with DuPont Coolmax material to keep you cool. You can even customize the comfort liner to fit your needs. The visor shades your eyes while keeping your head cool and comfortable. The face shield is made with UV400-resistant materials to help protect the wearer from harmful UV rays.

While a full-face helmet may be intimidating, your child will soon catch on and enjoy the sport. If you're unsure how to introduce a helmet to a child, consider renting a hockey helmet, which is lightweight and comfortable enough for a small child. Once they're comfortable with the style of a hockey helmet, you can graduate to a full-face youth helmet. When buying a UTV helmet, it's important to consider your preferences, budget, and riding style. Whether you ride on a road or off, you'll want a lightweight, smooth-back helmet that fits comfortably and lets you communicate with your passengers. A visor is an important safety feature, but you'll need to wear goggles if you're riding on the trails.

The shape of your helmet is also important. You don't want to have to wear it for days on end because it can hurt your head. The GMAX helmet features a modular design that converts to an open-faced design. Another feature of the helmet is its easy opening and closing system. You can use it to communicate or take a break when you're not riding.

Many states have laws regarding ATV/UTV helmet wear. In addition to being a federal requirement, some states require riders to wear a helmet when riding on private property. National forests and some state parks also have rangers who will ticket riders who don't wear a helmet. In addition to these laws, most ORV parks and benefit rides require helmet use for all riders.


While a helmet is the most important piece of safety gear for UTV drivers, there are other factors to consider as well. For example, the helmet must protect against impact from a flying object as well as the sun's UV rays. A well-designed helmet can prevent injuries by keeping the head and face cool. In addition to providing adequate protection, a well-designed helmet should be comfortable and allow for good airflow.

A good UTV helmet should be durable and comfortable. The Typhoon has an ABS shell that is lightweight and scratch-resistant. It is easy to adjust the size of this helmet and weighs 3.4 pounds. One of the best features is that it can convert to a shield-less configuration in a split second. Nevertheless, drivers should wear goggles when converting to a shield-less configuration. This helmet meets the FMVSS218 safety standard and is available in various sizes and colors.

These helmets have been designed specifically for younger riders, but you can use the adult-sized helmets for toddlers if needed. The helmets are made from ABS thermal plastic shells with fiber-reinforced impact-resistant foam and meet DOT standards. The helmets also feature a removable liner and cheek pads. They also feature a sun visor. You can even use a pair of safety goggles while wearing this helmet.

While UTV helmets can be expensive, they're essential for the safety of both driver and passengers. In California, all UTV drivers must wear DOT-approved helmets. If you're unsure what kind of UTV helmet to buy, check out our guide. Just remember that some helmets are better suited for certain types of off-roading than others, and you should buy the right one based on the style and comfort level of your UTV.


Before you buy, you need to decide which type of UTV helmet is right for your tasks and which brand you will trust. It is also necessary to select the correct equipment size and choose a design based on your taste.

Tell us in the comments if this article was useful to you and which of the above helmets is the most suitable for you.