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If you are among the people who use Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) for recreation or other purposes, you can agree that UTVs need strong and scratch-resistant windshields. UTVs go through rough terrains, where the riders can be harmed if they do not have a windscreen, and a weak windshield can be broken anytime.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you fix your UTV with reliable windshields to guarantee long-lasting protection. If you are looking to get a windshield for your side-by-side, there are different options you can choose from.

Read through this article, learn the different types of windshields and the accessories available, and identify one that can perfectly suit your needs as a UTV user.

What Is the Best Windshield for a UTV?

The Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) tends to be exposed to branches, pebbles stones, and other hazards which can break them and cause damage. These can also harm the drivers and their passengers.

Therefore, it is essential to get the perfect and most reliable windshield for your UTV. Using the different windshield and accessories reviews, it is easy to identify some of the best windshields for UTV. They include:

  • The polycarbonate windshield is considered among the best type of windshields for UTV. They are made of a plastic material that seems to every solid but soft, which helps them to serve their purpose as a windshield. Polycarbonate is resistant to cracking from any kind of impact that the UTV might experience and offers a shield to the driver and their passengers when they are in the vehicle.
  • Acrylic UTV windshields tend to be one of the best windshields for URV. It offers more strength when compared to the glass polycarbonate. It is the cheapest material that can be used on a UTV windshield. Although it is a good material for the windshields, it can be easily damaged by debris where it can crack or be broken. It can cause harm to the occupants of the car if they are hit by the glass. It is therefore essential to be cautious when you are driving through the rough terrains and you have the acrylic windshield on your UTV.
  • Glass is also a good material for the windshield for UTV, especially those used for the farming environment. Glass is high scratch-resistant, mainly when used for the windshield on UTV, and it tends to look good for a longer time. If well taken care of, and it can serve the user for some time. It is also a very expensive material to use for windshield purposes.

Different UTV Windshield Styles

When choosing to use the UTV windshield, it is essential to consider the different styles that can perfectly fit the design of your car to ensure that the windshield gives you the perfect results and total protection.

The different UTV windshields and accessories reviews provide a perfect guide on the different windshield styles that you can use to get the best protection from the windshield. The different windshield styles include:

1. Entire Windshield

An entire windshield tends to cover the whole open view side of the UTV and gives complete protection for the UTV drivers and passengers against any kind of harm from the elements that could hit them on the tough terrains moving around.

2. Flip-up/Down Windshield

This kind of windshield tends to serve the double purpose of being a full windscreen and half when the UTV occupants need it. It is considered the best windshield style that anyone can use as it gives them the multiple purposes they need through their journey.

The shield is flipped up when there is the need for a full shield and down when there is the need for a half shield. If you are a fan of changing the styles of the windshield depending on the occasion you are at, then the flip-up/down windshield is the perfect shield that will fit your needs.

3. Half Windshield

The half windshield tends to cover only a half of the front side of the UTV. This type of windshield is always fixed at the lower part of the UTV front, which helps to ensure that there is enough airflow in the vehicle. However, it does not guarantee full protection for the car's occupants.

4. Vent Windshield

The vent windshield is considered the best as it allows air circulation throughout the UTV. The windshield makes it easy for the air to flow freely through the shield and helps prevent fogging in cold weather.

Most people who use their UTV in very cold weather prefer installing the vent windshield to help them deal with the cold weather when they are traveling or taking adventures in different regions.

5. Flip Windshield

Most UTV users use this style as they consider it safe. This kind of windshield helps you open and close it when you desire, as there is no shield view on the UTV. One can open the windshield as long as they want because it uses gas-powered braces to hold it up.

It is very easy to operate the flip windshield, and this gives you and your passenger the flexibility to operate the windshield until you are comfortable.


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The Top UTV Windshield and Accessories Reviews

The windshield is easy to install and maintain on the UTV. With some little modifications on them so that they can fit perfectly on the UTV on the 05 Polaris order SXS. Getting the perfect windshield can be a task, but with determination, you do not have to be scared, as you will get the best windshield, offering you the best protection.

The acrylic windshield is one of the best materials that has been used to make the windshield because it tends to be strong and durable. Most people who have used it can attest that it is one of the best materials that can be used to make the shields.

The glass windshield is always considered to be very expensive, because of its unique features. If you looking to use it on your UTV, ensure that you have well budgeted for it so that you do not have to overspend.

Depending on the type of machine you have, you can use different windshields on your UTV. If you own a Kawasaki, Honda, or Yamaha UTV, the best shield to use is the aftermarket windshield, which will offer the best services and protections you need during cold and rough drives.

The UTV Direct is considered to have a large selection of vented and scratch-resistant front and rear windshields from different types of brands such as spike power sports.

What Is the Cost Of a UTV Windshield?

When installing the windshield, some factors will determine the amount of money that you are bound to spend. Factors such as the material and the style you want to use on your UTV Windshield tend to contribute to the total cost of the windshield.

If you are getting your windshield on a budget, ensure to know the different options you have so that you can determine the type of windshield you need. Using the windshield and accessories reviews, it is easy to determine the windshield costs, as you can use other people's budgets to come up with your budget for the windshield.

The first step to identifying the cost of the UTV windshield is to get the style you need to be installed for the windshield. Determining if you need a full or half windshield will give you the best prices. Some of the most affordable windshields are half models, while the most expensive are the flip-down styles.

After deciding the style, you need, the second thing is to determine the type of material that would be used on your UTV windshield. You can use different materials, from acrylic to glass and no-hard coated polycarbonates. Acrylic is one of the most affordable materials to make the windshield.

The hard-coated polycarbonate windshields and glass are the most expensive because they have very high qualities such as scratch resistance, durability, and strength. With all these factors to consider, it will be very easy to get the best windshield for your UTV.

They will also guide what you need to look out for so that you can avoid getting overpriced quotations from the windshield sellers for a material that can be even less expensive. Sometimes the seller might oversell the windshield depending on the style and material you need, and therefore it is important to work with a budget and ensure to visit different sellers just to compare prices.

Shield Yourself

If you are among the people who love adventuring and tend to use the UTV to visit tough terrains, you must consider having a windshield installed on your machine.

Adding a windshield to your UTV comes with many benefits. It offers you protection against debris, the hot sun, and cold weather, and it ensures that you do not get hit by any kind of branches when moving on rough terrains.

A UTV windshield can give you a better experience on off-roading. With the many different options on the market, you can be sure to get the perfect screen for your UTV without having to spend so much money and get protection as you enjoy some of the great rides.

Be sure to shield yourself and your passengers as you traverse through the rough terrains, and through nature, as you make those great memories. Remember that windshield on UTV saves lives.