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Mastering UTV Storage: Innovative Box Solutions for Every Adventure

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) serve various purposes, from recreation to work on farms and ranches. One of the challenges many UTV owners face is finding the necessary space to store tools, gear, and personal items securely when using their vehicles. This is where UTV storage boxes become essential.

They are rugged, lockable, and designed to withstand the elements, ensuring that whatever is stored inside remains safe and dry.

UTV storage boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to different needs and preferences. While some are meant to fit in the bed of the vehicle, others can be mounted above or below it.

The choice of a storage box can significantly impact the functionality and convenience of a UTV. It can turn a simple ride into a practical excursion, with all the necessary equipment neatly stowed and accessible.

When selecting a UTV storage box, paying attention to the material's durability, the box's storage capacity, ease of installation, weather resistance, and compatibility with the specific UTV model is critical. High-quality locks and sealants are also crucial features that provide security for valuables and protection from dust and water.

We focus on evaluating these key aspects to help users find a storage solution that fits their outdoor lifestyle and the demands of their activities.

Top UTV Storage Boxes

We understand the necessity for reliable storage solutions when you're out navigating rough terrains on your utility terrain vehicle (UTV). Our selection of UTV storage boxes is curated to ensure you have ample space to secure your essential gear without compromising on durability or ease of access. Each product on our list has been scrutinized for its ruggedness, installation ease, and compatibility with a range of UTV models.

Dee Zee Poly Storage Chest

We believe this storage chest could be a reliable addition for those seeking versatile and lightweight utility storage.


  • Designed with strong, lightweight plastic for easy maneuverability
  • Features molded cup holders and locking tabs for added convenience and security
  • Resistant to warping, thanks to its rigid poly plastic frame


  • Not entirely waterproof, so contents may get damp under certain conditions
  • Could seem too small for users requiring significant storage space
  • The appearance may not appeal to everyone, depending on personal taste

Lightweight utility chests are best when they offer a balance of portability and robustness. This offering from Dee Zee promises to serve a variety of storage needs, whether it's mounted in a truck, boat, or used in a workshop.

Its plastic construction offers durability without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

Under the lid, molded cupholders are a subtle touch that speaks to the product's practicality. Convenience matters just as much as storage space, and this chest recognizes that.

Another thoughtful feature is the integrated locking tabs — a testament to the product's attention to security. However, one would need to purchase a padlock separately to make full use of them.

Buyers should be aware that 'weather-resistant' does not mean 'waterproof'. While this product will handle light exposure to the elements, items sensitive to moisture might need extra protection in heavier rain.

Additionally, the storage volume may be ample for many, but for those with hefty tools or larger items, consider measuring your storage needs against the unit's dimensions to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, functionality aside, aesthetics play a role, and what the Dee Zee Poly Storage Chest offers in utility, it might lack in style for some. Yet, in matters of utility storage, performance generally trumps appearance, making this a solid choice for practical use.

Kolpin UTV Saddle Box

We believe this storage box is a practical addition for UTV owners looking to secure and protect their gear.


  • Weather-resistant, offering protection for stored items
  • Comes with lockable latches to secure belongings
  • Hassle-free installation on most UTV bed rails


  • May not fit all UTV models, particularly Polaris Ranger or RZR
  • Hinge and clasp durability has been a concern for some
  • Some users reported issues with it being completely waterproof

Crafted for utility, the Kolpin UTV Saddle Box is built to withstand the dust and debris typical of off-road environments. Its roto-molded design lends a durable structure to safeguard your essentials, whether that's tools or outdoor gear.

Lockable latches give you peace of mind, establishing a secure space in the bed of your UTV.

Not every UTV accessory is an all-around perfect fit for every model. This saddle storage box notably excludes compatibility with popular Polaris units. It's important to measure your vehicle’s bed rails before committing to a purchase to ensure a seamless fit and avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Utility vehicle owners often seek solutions that combine practicality with convenience. This storage box appears to address those needs with its straightforward installation process.

However, although it aims to please, some users have experienced minor frustrations with the sturdiness of its hinge and the fidelity of its waterproofing. Despite the concerns, many find the balance between its welcomed utility and these manageable drawbacks.

Kolpin Rear Trail Box

We believe this storage option is worth considering for UTV enthusiasts needing secure and sizeable storage capacity.


  • Ample storage space accommodating two extra-large helmets and additional gear
  • Roto-moulded construction ensuring UV stability and durability
  • Lockable design for added security on the trails


  • Mounting hardware may not be ideal for all types of UTVs
  • Latches might be prone to popping open, necessitating potential aftermarket fixes
  • Accessory rack for added weight capacity is sold separately

When exploring cross-country or simply hauling gear, storage is vital. This Kolpin Rear Trail Box promises generous room within a contoured shape that does not compromise visibility. It's designed to sit securely on the rack, offering a balance between accessibility and sturdiness.

The lockable feature is particularly reassuring when stepping away from the UTV, as it deters opportunistic theft.

Materials matter when it comes to outdoor equipment, and this trail box doesn't disappoint. Crafted with roto-moulded polyethylene, it's built to endure the harshness of the elements. This means whether you're out in the blazing sun or caught in an unexpected downpour, the box is equipped to handle it, safeguarding your belongings.

However, no product is without its flaws. Some users have reported issues with the latches, which is worth considering if your trails are particularly bumpy. There's also the extra step and cost of purchasing the accessory rack if you need to load more weight on top. Despite this, the overall ruggedness and capacity of the storage box make it a good ally for any UTV rider's adventures.

Rubbermaid 48 Gal ActionPacker

We believe this Rubbermaid ActionPacker is a solid investment for those needing durable and secure storage for outdoor or industrial use.


  • Impressive resilience under tough conditions
  • Tight-fitting double-walled lid keeps contents dry
  • Added security through lockable latches


  • Lock and bungee cord for extra security not included
  • Heavier than typical plastic bins at over 20 pounds
  • High price point may deter some buyers

Outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike require dependable storage solutions that withstand the elements and rough handling. The Rubbermaid 48 Gal ActionPacker is built to endure challenging weather and temperatures, giving peace of mind that items inside remain protected.

Adding locks and bungees to the already tough latches can further secure the contents against theft and tampering. While these safety features are a boon, it's worth noting they must be purchased separately, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Despite its robust build, this storage bin's weight might be a drawback for those who frequently move storage around. Nevertheless, the capacity and durability often compensate for the heftiness, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty storage needs.

Price-wise, the ActionPacker sits at the higher end of the market. However, we see this as a reflection of its superior quality and longevity. Users who prioritize security and durability in their storage will find the investment worthwhile.

Highlands UTV Storage

We recommend the Highlands UTV Storage Box as a sound investment for Polaris RZR owners seeking a tough, weatherproof solution to their storage needs.


  • Custom fit designed for Polaris RZR models
  • Quick-release installation with lockable latches for security
  • Substantial 52-gallon capacity in a weatherproof build


  • Requires roll cage bar removal for some models, complicating access
  • Not universally compatible with all UTVs
  • May obstruct routine vehicle maintenance for certain RZR models

We value how MotoAlliance leverages American engineering expertise to craft a storage box that doesn't just fit – it belongs.

The meticulous design process, which uses high-tech laser scanning, ensures that every inch of your RZR's rear bed space is utilized effectively, providing a seamless, OEM-like finish.

Utility meets security with this robust storage box. The quick-release locking system strikes us as a noteworthy feature, letting you swiftly attach or remove the box without grabbing for tools. Plus, the lockable latches give you that extra layer of security when you're out in the wilds.

We're conscious that ease of use is crucial. However, the fact that you need to dismantle part of the roll cage in some RZR models to install or remove the box could be a hassle, especially for routine maintenance tasks.

While this level of fitment ensures everything stays put, it's a trade-off with accessibility that's worth bearing in mind.


The KEMIMOTO PRO XP Cargo Box is a solid pick for UTV enthusiasts in need of extra storage. It offers a significant 42QT storage capacity to keep essentials organized. Additionally, it is constructed with UV-resistant polyethylene for enhanced durability.


  • Offers a significant 42QT storage capacity to keep essentials organized
  • Constructed with UV-resistant polyethylene for enhanced durability
  • Quick and tool-free installation process simplifies setup


  • Some users may find the box too large if space conservation is critical
  • At 13.12 pounds, the weight might add a noticeable heft to your UTV
  • Lockable latches may require additional purchases to secure

When looking to expand your UTV's hauling capacity, a reliable storage box is indispensable. The KEMIMOTO PRO XP Cargo Box amplifies your off-road adventures by keeping gear safe and secure. Moreover, the box's material withstands harsh conditions, ensuring whatever you store inside remains protected from the elements.

The simplicity of the design shines when it comes to mounting the cargo box. Without the need for tools, you could have the box fitted and ready to go in under five minutes. This hassle-free approach extends to maintenance, with easy cleaning and drainage baked into the product's design.

We find the KEMIMOTO PRO XP Cargo Box aligns with several key aspects users value: increased storage capacity, durability, and ease of use. Its sturdy build and practical features make it a worthy addition to your UTV, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure without worrying about gear management.

StarknightMT UTV Storage Box

We recommend this StarknightMT storage box as a functional upgrade to keep your gear secure and protected when you're out on the trails.


  • Made from UV stabilized polyethylene for durability
  • Ample room for varied storage needs
  • Features an easy installation design with no drilling required


  • Limited compatibility with certain UTV models
  • No mention of a built-in locking mechanism for the box itself
  • Requires the addition of a padlock for true security

When it comes to tackling the great outdoors with your UTV, storage is key. This StarknightMT bed box offers a weather-resistant haven for all your trail essentials, from tool kits to spare clothing. Its robust construction pledges to defy the elements, promising you peace of mind with every journey. Fading and deformation under UV exposure isn't a concern, so your focus remains on the adventure ahead rather than the integrity of your equipment's shelter.

Convenience shines with the easy drop-in design of this storage box. It slots into the Lock & Ride cargo bed holes present in compatible models, so you can effortlessly switch between ample cargo space and secure storage according to your expedition's demands. The relief of hassle-free installation complements your tight schedule, leaving more time for you to delve into nature's embrace.

Considering security, an anti-theft combination lock and wire rope add a layer of deterrent against opportunistic thieves. Although the security features are handy, bear in mind they might not be as robust as a built-in lock would be, and you may want to augment the anti-theft measures for added peace of mind. Nevertheless, this storage box strikes a balance between functionality and convenience, supporting your off-road escapades with its reliable form.

A & UTV PRO Storage Box

We think this storage box is a solid choice for those need to keep their gear organized and protected while on the move.


  • Effortless installation and removal without tools
  • High capacity for storing various items
  • Robust construction resistant to UV and harsh weather


  • Material may not be the thickest available
  • May have fitment issues with certain models despite broad compatibility
  • Durability of rubber latches and straps has been questioned

Outdoor enthusiasts know the importance of a reliable storage solution for their UTV. This A & UTV PRO Storage Box is a commendable option, crafted to withstand challenging conditions. Its UV-resistant polyethylene material demonstrates the dedication to durability; a quality we always value. With a considerable 69 QT capacity, there's ample space for the necessities and luxuries that enhance any ride into nature's domain.

Compatibility is extensive, covering a range of RZR models, which is crucial for those with specific UTV requirements. However, certain RZR PRO models may not accommodate this particular box, so be sure to check compatibility before making a purchase. The inclusion of a waterproof seal is another thoughtful feature, ensuring that items stay dry, which is particularly beneficial for those of us who find ourselves caught in sudden downpours.

We value user feedback, and it seems some users have encountered less-than-ideal aspects concerning the material thickness and the alignment of mounting points. While the ease of installation is praised, robustness, especially concerning fastening straps, has been grounds for criticism by some. These are factors to consider, depending on the demands you expect the storage box to meet.

Plano Medium Sportsman Trunk

We recommend this storage trunk for its versatile use, robust build, and secure lockable features, making it a reliable choice for various storage needs.


  • Ample storage space with a 68-quart capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures longevity
  • Lockable and airline approved for secure transport


  • Not water resistant, which may limit outdoor usage
  • Could be heavy when fully loaded, challenging to move
  • Some users may require larger sizes or wheels for easier handling

When it comes to organizing gear, we understand that durability matters. This Plano Sportsman Trunk stands out with its robust, impact-resistant plastic construction. Its heavy-duty design handles the rigors of outdoor excursions as well as the demands of home storage. You can stack multiple units thanks to the reinforced, grooved body aimed at maximizing space efficiency.

Transporting the trunk is generally straightforward. Its side-carry handles are molded for comfort, making it easier to lift and move even when fully packed. The snap-down latches provide a secure closure, and for added security, padlock tabs are available to keep belongings safe, a perk if you're considering air travel or simply protecting valuable equipment.

While the Plano Storage Trunk ticks many boxes for secure and spacious storage, it's important to recognize it's not water resistant. If you're planning to store items that need to remain dry, you might need to take additional protective measures. The size is generous for most needs, but if you're dealing with very bulky items, you may wish to explore larger options or trunks with mobility features like wheels.

Buying Guide

When we're selecting a UTV storage box, durability is one of our top considerations. We want a box that can withstand the rigors of off-road use, including resistance to water, dust, and impact.

Material and Build Quality

  • Durability: Opt for high-density materials.
  • Water Resistance: Check for weather-sealing features.
  • Locking Mechanism: Ensure it has a secure lock to protect our belongings.

The size and capacity are crucial as well. We must consider what we plan to carry and ensure the storage box fits our UTV model properly without obstructing our view or movement.

Size and Compatibility

  • Dimensions: Measure our UTV's cargo area to match with the box size.
  • Storage Volume: Pick a box with enough space for our gear.
  • Vehicle Fit: Verify the box is compatible with our UTV model.

Ease of installation and accessibility are also vital. We should look for a storage box that offers a straightforward mounting system and easy access to our items on the go.

Installation and Access

Feature Why It's Important
Easy Mounting Reduces installation hassle.
Quick Access Allows for on-the-fly item retrieval.

Lastly, consider the internal configuration. Adjustable compartments and tie-down points help in organizing and securing the contents.

Internal Configuration

  • Adjustable Compartments: Helps in customizing storage space.
  • Tie-Down Points: Provides security for our items during transit.