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In many instances, UTVs won’t come with a rearview mirror by default. It is up to you to add one that fits it and provides numerous advantages to the driving experience. You should have a crystal clear UTV rear mirror to give you a full range view of everything going around you.

Not only that, but getting a good pair of side-view mirrors is also something that you should consider. We’re not implying that the default side-view mirrors that UTVs come with aren’t any good. It’s just that you can always do better. With that said, let’s look at some of the options available today.

Best UTV Mirrors

While there are many options available on the market, not all of them are created equally. Researching which models are the best is a complex task that requires a lot of time. Because of this, we’ve thought about making your life much easier and doing the research in your place. With that said, here are the best UTV side mirrors and the best UTV rearview mirrors ranked in no particular order.

Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror 1.75″ Round Tube | Seizmik 18019


Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror


You might have thought that the only thing you need in a UTV rearview mirror is the ability to see what’s behind you. However, once you take a look at the Halo-RA LED Seizmik 18019, you’ll realize that you’ve been missing out on some excellent features.

This UTV mirror has multimodal RGB LED lights to help you see inside the cabin much better in dark conditions and an ABS rear housing to improve its resistance towards strong vibrations caused by road surface tension. 

The programmable RGB lights include a high and low-intensity level in red, green, and blue color selections, making it easy to create a distinct atmosphere when you feel the need to do so. You’ll absolutely love this UTV mirror for your camping trips! And you can order it from here!

Polaris RZR Pro XP Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror | Seizmik 18001


Polaris RZR Pro XP Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror


A hands-free cab light and a lightweight mirror built into a single unit. That’s what the Polaris RZR Pro XP Halo-RA is, in short. It functions similarly to our previous entry, and it has the same ability to display RGB LED lights for creating a genuinely relaxing atmosphere when needed.

In short, this mirror will give you all the advantages that you never thought you needed in your UTV. Not only that, in the unlikely event that it ever breaks, the Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror is easily serviceable. If you want to see it in action, get it from here.

Seizmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors for 2.0" Roll Cage 18072


Seizmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors


Finally, let’s get to the coveted UTV side-view mirrors! The people at Seizmik have outdone themselves again with the Pursuit Side View Mirrors. These mirrors are designed to take a beating. Well, not literally a beating, more like the hard vibrations caused by off-road driving. You know what that means. Get your UTV out and go on an adventure cause these babies will surely last!

The mirrors also have weather-sealed caps to prevent any debris from entering them and affecting their durability. Furthermore, the rubber vibration isolators will keep the mirrors from shaking like crazy, so you can always have a clear image. Even better, the position tension adjustment bolts provide even more support to keep the mirrors adjusted just at the right angle. Check these bad boys out here.

Seizmik Pursuit Night Vision Series Side View Mirror (Pair – Cast Aluminum) – 1.75″ Round Tube

Seizmik Pursuit Night Vision Series Side View Mirror


Oh, boy, if you’re ever going to find yourself going off-road during nighttime, you best have these mirrors installed on your UTV. If you want the short gist of things, these mirrors are an absolute must-have for any off-road enthusiast out there. The cast aluminum housing has an IP68 water-resistant rating and all the other benefits that you can also get with our previous entry on this list.

Furthermore, these babies also have position tension adjustment bolts to keep them in place regardless of the angle, full breakaway geometry that allows them to come off in case of impact to reduce damage, and an enclosed floating mirror mount that allows the mirrors themselves to be adjusted inside the housing for even more convenience. Finally, one of the features we like the most about this model is the adaptive 360º bracket rotation, which practically means that they will accommodate any angle roll cage pillar. In short, you’re getting a load of benefits with this awesome pair of UTV mirrors. Click here to see all the details!

Other Consideration When Looking for the Best UTV Mirrors

Now that you’ve seen which mirrors are the best for just about any UTV out there, let’s tell you some information that should help you in case none of these models satisfy your needs. First off, you need to look for mirrors that can withstand vibration damage. Do keep in mind that UTVs aren’t your regular on-road vehicles, so that’s the first and most important aspect.

Secondly, make sure that the mirrors offer lighting options, as you might lose stuff inside the cabin or around it thanks to the high vibrations caused by surface tension. Next, make sure that the mirror fits your roll cage diameter. Otherwise, you’ll be purchasing something that can’t be installed on your particular UTV.

And finally, check out the price versus review scores. User reviews tell you a lot about a product’s quality, so don’t be afraid to Google a mirror model and see what others are saying about it. In any case, feel free to ask us about any aspect in case we forgot to cover something in this article.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found the information in this article helpful. Feel free to leave us a comment below with any suggestions or ideas. We would also appreciate it if you shared this article with other friends of yours who might be interested in purchasing some awesome UTV mirrors for their vehicles.