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Turbocharging Basics: What Is a Blow off Valve

When it comes to maximizing your vehicle’s performance, a turbocharger can do the trick. Whether you are operating a car, truck, or UTV, there are plenty of ways to build up your engine for better riding. Here is turbocharging basics: what is a blow off valve?

What Is Turbocharging?

A turbocharger—also simply called a turbo—is a piece of machinery comprised of a turbine and air compressor. Typically installed as close to the engine block as possible, this engine-boosting item is functional once it connects to the exhaust system. The combination of the turbine and air compressor feed and pack air into the engine, allowing for more power due to a higher compression ratio. The result is a more economical and powerful engine.

Where Does the Blow off Valve Fit In?

Though turbocharging packs the engine block with air, there are times when it can become too full. This is dangerous for the engine’s performance, so it is important to have a release, especially as the throttle closes. The blow off valve—or BOV—vents excess pressure from the pipes. These valves usually operate by way of a spring or pressure differential depending on the model. Essentially, blow off valves help turbo vehicles ensure long-term peak performance.

How Do You Turbocharge a UTV?

Every vehicle with a functioning engine can reach higher performance with a turbocharger—UTVs are no exception. To provide more torque and power, turbos must be close to the UTV’s engine. Otherwise, the air it is pushing back will not reach it at the proper time or at the right pressure. Look for parts that will fit your UTV make and model. If you have any questions about turbocharging your engine or are looking for particular products, contact us at Rad Parts for more information.

Understanding turbocharging basics and what a blow off valve is can help you make the best decisions for your vehicle. Check out our blow off valves and other Can Am Maverick accessories for sale here at Rad Parts today!