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Top Reasons Why You Should Get a UTV

The utility terrain vehicle (UTV)—also known as the side-by-side—is a great option for anyone looking to have fun or put in a hard day’s work. Here are the top reasons why you should get a UTV.


One of the primary aspects of driving or riding in a UTV is the simple thrill of the ride. No matter how fast you go or how difficult of terrain you travel, feeling the wind around you and the road beneath you is an experience like no other. Side-by-sides can be used for everything from hunting to mudding to rock crawling. The shape and design of the vehicle allow it to traverse all kinds of terrain, allowing you to take your tires wherever you want, whether that be a snowy field or a wooded trail. Similar to other off-roading vehicles, the UTV is used for racing which is another great outlet for anyone who owns one.


The UTV is not only used for fun, but also for work. When you live on a large property and need to traverse it quickly and without getting your wheels stuck in the mud, a side-by-side is a great option. The UTV is incredibly versatile—you can find many farming and agricultural accessories to add to your vehicle. These allow you to work your fields and haul larger loads across your land without a problem. You can also upgrade your vehicle with various side-by-side UTV parts and add-ons to handle heavier-duty jobs.


One of the main features that sets the UTV apart from other off-roading vehicles is its size. The design of the UTV allows it to fit between two and six people in adjacent seats—hence the name “side-by-side.” Because it can fit several people, the UTV is the perfect option for anyone hoping to take family members for a joy ride or work in the fields with others.

These are just a few of the top reasons why you should get a UTV. If you are interested in purchasing a side-by-side or are looking for parts to upgrade your current vehicle, contact us here at RAD Parts for more information.