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Tips for Choosing a Two-Way Radio

When it comes to your UTV, you want to have a good time while also staying connected to those around you. Here are some quick tips for choosing a two-way radio.

Maximum Range

The first thing to consider when investing in a two-way radio is the distance you will be using it across. Whether you need ten feet or ten miles, it is important to anticipate the circumstances where you will need to use the radio. Knowing the maximum range of a radio system will help you narrow down which hardware you need.

Number of Handsets

Another factor to consider is the number of handsets you will use in your system. If you are racing your UTV and need to communicate with your team, you may need more than two radios. The number of handsets or headsets you require will allow you to discern what level of system you need.

Channels and Privacy Codes

When choosing a two-way radio, you need to know what channels the system can access, and if there are any privacy codes or options. This would be critical to consider if you are getting a system for a UTV racing team. Depending on the race, you could have a dozen or more teams trying to communicate over radio frequencies with their drivers at the same time. In this scenario, everyone will want to keep their channel secure.

Battery and Power Type

You must also take into account the way the radio is powered or charged. If a unit uses batteries, see if they are rechargeable or if you will need to use a large number of batteries over time. Other handsets come with a power cable that plugs into your UTV.

Whether you are racing your side by side or you are joyriding with friends, you can use these tips for choosing a two-way radio. If you have any questions about radio types or are interested in our Rugged Radios for sale, contact us here at Rad Parts today.