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The Best Places To Explore With Your UTV

When it comes to your UTV adventures, there is a time when you will want to explore beyond your local trails and personal property. To help you find your next side by side paradise, here are the best places to explore with your UTV divided by region in the United States.

The Northeast

The Northeast is home to dense urban centers and wide-open countryside. There are several states in this region, but none compare to the northernmost state of Maine.


Though New England is a sprawling swath of beautiful country, few places can match the rugged opportunity of Maine. With over 6,000 miles of open trails, the wooded areas that make up the state—often covered in snow in the colder months—are perfect for any UTV adventure. You can even make a vacation out of the trip and spend some time in the charming Northeast.

The South

The South provides avid off-roaders with numerous trail options for novices and professionals alike. Here are some of the best places in the South to check out!

West Virginia

West Virginia is home to the well-maintained Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. This system boasts hundreds of miles of mountains and woods where professionally managed trails make it easy for you to explore the terrain. The Hatfield McCoy trails are open year-round, so they are perfect for snow driving if you are looking for a winter adventure without traveling too far north.


In Pennington, Virginia, the Stone Mountain trails offer an experience like no other. Considered to be a technical trail, these paths cater to intermediate and experienced UTV operators. Go check them out and test your limits as a hardcore off-roader.


Tennessee is an off-roading haven with three quality areas. There is the Brimstone Recreation Area which offers beautiful mountain trails. The Ride Royal Blue Resort sports high-quality private trails that you can enjoy on your own without too much thought of other drivers. Alternatively, the WindRock Park in Oliver Springs has thousands of acres of adventurous terrain. It is the site of several professional racing events for mountain bikers and draws larger crowds than the other Tennessean locales. Depending on what you are looking for, Tennessee offers solitude, community, and everything in between.


Next up is Georgia with its Beasley Knob Trail System in Blairsville. Sporting some very challenging trails, this system will test your mettle and push your side by side to its limits. So, check to ensure that your UTV is in good condition and has the right parts to traverse the terrain. Between the dirt trails and rocky hill climbs, there are plenty of obstacles your vehicle will need to overcome. Be sure to check out some of their seasonal programs too, and enjoy the thrilling ride!


Florida is beautiful and warm year-round, and so is the Ocala National Forest. Home to many breathtaking views of lakes, rivers, and springs, you can enjoy the trails in this forest any month of the year.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Busco Beach Park in Goldsboro is great for thrill-seekers. There are many bodies of water including tributaries, waterways, ponds, and pits. The variety of water features provide plenty of opportunities for a splash of fun. This locale is also home to several camping grounds, so take your family out for a joy ride then hit the hay under the stars.


In Kentucky, the Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area in Evarts caters to all UTV drivers. With several levels of difficulty, this is the place for you if you are looking for a smooth ride, or a challenging one. An added bonus at Black Mountain is the ability to try out other vehicle types. If you want to drive off-roading vehicles other than the ones you bring, you can rent a truck, dirt bike, or ATV. This can be a fun opportunity for you and your friends or family to explore together.

The Midwest

Though the Northeast and South are full of many quality trails, the Midwest offers some exciting options as well. Try out some of these UTV locales in the center of the country.


If you live in or around Missouri, Joe State Park is an excellent opportunity to take your side by side for a spin. With rolling hills, trails, and play areas, this park gives you everything. There are two campgrounds on the site, so consider packing a tent or two for the journey!


Drummond Island, Michigan is a gorgeous place to take your UTV out for a joy ride. Situated on Lake Huron, the off-road trail system is the largest in the state. With glades, ridges, and forests, you will find some breathtaking views in this part of the country.

The West

The U.S. is home to all sorts of terrain. Though the places in the country that have been covered so far show off much of it, the West is home to beautiful sand dunes and coastal forests.


Travel to Utah to find the one-of-a-kind Paiute ATV Trail. This trail is perfect for UTVs and allows riders to explore some truly wild territory. Utah also boasts off-roading opportunities in Moab. With unpaved roads, canyons, and arches, it is a sight to behold as you drive through red desert and rock formations.


California is a geographically long state, spanning across all sorts of terrain. However, its sand dunes and desert rides are some of the best in the country. The Imperial Sand Dunes of Brawley, California are one such place. With a large concentration of dunes to explore, it is the best place to break in a new set of sand tires. Try to avoid the summer months, though, since it can get quite hot. Also, try out the Mojave Desert in Ridgecrest. Like the other California dunes, the Mojave is a beautiful and dry place with remarkable features to check out.


The trails in Oregon will give every off-roader the chance to experience the unique beauties of the Pacific Northwest. Take a trip to the Oregon coast in Florence and North Bend. Each of these places features coastal sand dunes with a view of the Pacific, including classic pine forests with small lakes and mountains on the opposing side.

These are the best places to explore with your UTV, so make a bucket list of your favorites. If you are looking to head out to one of these places, and you need to replace or upgrade some parts, visit our UTV store here at Rad Parts. We can recommend the right improvements for your trip today!

The Best Places To Explore With Your UTV