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Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic – The Best Electric UTV?



Electrification has taken the prime spot in the goal to achieve net-zero emissions by the earliest and companies, left and right, are investing their resources to grab the first-mover advantage in the all-electric segment. Side by sides are no different in this regard and the adventure-filled segment is also ripe for electrification. Polaris, being the top seller of UTVs in the U.S. has just recently released its premier all-electric offering that has garnered positive reviews from many established reviewers.

Termed the “best and most powerful Ranger ever built” by the Polaris engineers, the Ranger XP Kinetic has quite a lot to offer to its users. It takes the best features of the existing gasoline-powered Ranger lineup and combines them with the goodness of all-electric thrill and flashiness. The quirks and features come at a price, though the silent side-by-side certainly makes up for the bucks it demands. Here is our detailed review of the newly released Polaris electric UTV:



The Ranger XP Kinetic may look eerily similar to a normal Ranger UTV but as they say, looks can be deceiving. Hiding underneath its familiar silhouette is an electric powertrain borrowed from Zero Motorcycles, a two-wheeler all-electric brand that has made a name for itself in its segment. Coming back to the XP Kinetic, the only way you will realize its true nature will be by the lack of a grille at its front that adorns the gasoline Ranger lineup. The similarity between the electric and gasoline versions may seem like a cost-saving measure, but the strategy allows for up to 95% compatibility of Ranger 1000 accessories with the XP Kinetic variant which is a great plus point for gasoline Ranger users making a shift towards an all-electric version.



Powering the new Polaris Ranger is either a 14.9 kWh or a 29.8 kWh battery setup featured in Premium and Ultimate trims respectively. The power output remains the same for both the setups @ 110 hp and 140 lb.-ft of torque. These numbers may look somewhat underwhelming, but they are more than sufficient for a rather lightweight utility vehicle. Complementing the healthy power output figures is a 2,500 lb. towing capacity, not to forget the 3 x 4.5ft cargo box that is capable of holding 1,250 lbs. of stuff. As for the range, it is estimated at 80 miles for the upper-spec Ultimate trim. During our testing, the range remained reasonably close to the official figures which is quite a relief for any electric vehicle owner.


Riding Experience:

The true benefits of the gasoline-free powertrain are obvious once you are behind the steering wheel. A gentle push to the throttle immediately translates into output to the wheels accompanied by excellent traction. The low-range gear is also there for steep terrains, and it too worked flawlessly during our testing session. With a ground clearance of 14 inches and a stock full-body skid plate and complete protection on the front bumper, the off-roading journeys are a tension-free affair.

The more balanced and lower center of gravity together with the re-tuned suspension setup of the electrified Ranger enabled better cornering ability around tricky bends and the four-wheel-drive further added to the convenience. All this performance was achieved without a hint of struggle or any noise. We crawled through the rocks and wet mud in utter silence, something that takes a bit of time to get used to, but it is surely an experience worth experiencing.


On-board Interface:

Power delivery and driving experience are not the only parameters where the Polaris Ranger XP excels, the onboard interface has also undergone a radical makeover. Just like the simplified powertrain, the controls are also made intuitive. The Ride Command Plus system allows for easier connectivity, data sharing and various drivetrain information feedback. The navigation system also features waypoints and GPS markers of other fellow Rangers for better coordination. The factory-installed 3kW charger enables seamless powering of electric appliances and the Level-2 home charger is capable of juicing up the battery fully in 3-5 hours.



The Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic is backed by a 3-year electric powertrain warranty and a 5-year battery coverage so you are covered in all the critical areas. As for the pricing, it starts at $25,000 for the base Premium trim that promises a range of 40 miles. Shell out $5000 more and you can get your hands on the Ultimate variant that promises a range of 80 miles.


Aftermarket Support:

Many seasoned UTV users would be worried about the limited aftermarket components for the Ranger XP Kinetic, but there is no reason to be in dismay. As stated earlier, almost 90% of Ranger 1000 accessories are compatible with the fully electric XP Kinetic edition so retrofitting your battery-powered Ranger with aftermarket components of its gasoline sibling would not be a hassle. At Radutvparts, we have got all the accessories you will need for a Polaris Ranger, and that too at the best prices. Just our Polaris Ranger catalog is eight pages long, so rest assured you will be very well served at Radutvparts.