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method race wheels

Method Race Wheels Review

The Californian-based company known as Method Race Wheels was founded way back in 2009, and it has since designed and produced, as its name implies, just about anything from cast, one-piece wheels for the street, to forged Beadlock wheels for desert racing and rock crawling.

It also helps a little that their team is made up of car engineers and professional street racers as well. They practically have the best type of crew for creating and stress testing racing wheels, and much more. But how good are they really? Well, since they are widely respected in the UTV and SUV industries, you can get a good idea about that. However, you came here for the finer details, so let’s get started.

Method Race Wheels Value and Quality

Given how good the Method Wheels usually are, it’s quite amazing to think about how affordable they are compared to the competition. When you put them head to head against other recognizable brands’ racing wheels, you’ll notice straight up that Method’s offering is an absolute bargain.

Naturally, people are skeptical at first. It’s extremely rare to see something qualitative at a bargain price. However, Method constantly gets professional drivers to try and destroy their wheels so that they can demonstrate their resistance. The wheels are subjected to the stress test that difficult races like the Baja 1000 provide. Anyone familiar with desert racing knows that Baja is no joke.

Their entire company’s goal is to create wheels that are as lightweight and durable as they can be at the same time. However, you should be aware that some of their wheels might be cracked or broken in rare instances. Because of how people on the internet operate, you are more likely to stumble upon negative reviews because people who are satisfied with their purchase rarely bother writing something comprehensive.

Unsatisfactory Method Wheels Instances

Sure, as with any product, you might find one bad apple here and there. But if you try to search the web for broken or cracked Method Wheels, you won’t really find conclusive results. That’s because it happens so rarely.

The only truly noticeable story regarding unsatisfactory Method Wheels is one about a second-hand cracked wheel. Other smaller ones talk about balancing issues. Looking through forums, you’ll barely find anything else. And even when you do, it’s nothing all that major except for the instances that we’ve already talked about.

American Company. American-Made?

It’s true, Method Wheels is an American company, and its wheels are designed, engineered, and tested in the USA. However, the manufacturing itself takes place in China, which might be a turnoff to people boycotting Chinese products. Many companies still turn to manufacture in China for the simple reason that the labor is cheaper.

China doesn’t have unions and other entities or rules that benefit workers, so if you’re totally against purchasing products made there, then you’re out of luck with this brand for now. Aside from that, even those who won’t boycott Chinese products might still be hesitant to purchase products made there because they’re skeptical regarding quality. Well, quality isn’t an issue with these wheels, which is great. Method Wheels do various stress tests on their products, so what comes out in shops is usually durable.

Pros and Cons of Method Wheels

It is hard to summarize the good and the bad regarding this brand because there are so many positive aspects about them that the list would be a little too long to be easily readable. However, we have done our best to shorten the list as much as we can so that we can showcase the wheel sets’ most powerful benefits as well as the most common defects.


  • Lifetime warranty for most of their offerings.
  • Outstanding design philosophy.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Stress-tested to their maximum capacity.
  • Active forums with topics regarding this brand and its products.
  • Dual-wheel options for those who prefer different sets on the back and front.
  • Lightweight and strong at the same time.


  • Replacement bolts aren’t always easily available.
  • Hard to get them if you live outside the US.
  • Some models are only available in certain sizes.

Are Method Wheels Hub Centric or Lug Centric?

When it comes to street wheels, a large selection of Method Wheels’s offerings is centered around the lug. That means the lug nuts you use are even more important than a hub-centric wheel. If you want to know more, lug-centric wheels are slightly different than hub-centric ones.

For instance, if the shop is having trouble balancing them, make sure they’re using a machine that bolts the wheel on by the lug nuts rather than a single cone. When mounting the wheels to your vehicle, you need to tighten the lug nuts progressively. We recommend you study thoroughly how to tighten lug nuts on non-hub-centric wheels.

Types of Method Wheels

There are three major types of Method Wheels that you can purchase right now. Some of their offerings are available on our website as well; one of them is here, and the other here. Of course, what we offer is meant solely for UTVs and the likes. But their offerings come in various shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to choose the best ones for your vehicle. Without further ado, here are the main types of wheels available from this brand:

Street Series

By far the most common type of Method Wheels are the ones from the Street Series. They’re available for Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, and even some UTVs. Withstanding rough road conditions is their key selling point, and the hardened cast aluminum construction lasts longer compared to many other street-legal wheels.

Most vehicle owners will probably prefer this series compared to the other two because it is designed for multiple applications rather than a single goal. Another advantage is that these wheels have undergone T6 heat treatment to boost their performance. And finally, probably the best thing for a certain portion of the target audience is that these wheels come in varying colors so you can fine-tune your vehicle’s looks to your liking.

Rally Series 

With its famous cast aluminum construction, this wheel series provides maximum longevity at minimum weight. Fun fact: this Method Race Wheels series has been used time and time again by the USA’s Subaru Rally Team. As you can probably tell from this fact, these wheels are designed for durability and speed.

If your main goal is to partake in races, then the Rally Series is right up your alley. As with the other Method Wheels, these are also lightweight and durable, with a high load capacity for heavy vehicles. Their flow form construction helps them reduce weight and enhance the strength of the entire chassis. Overall, an excellent investment for speed lovers, even if they are slightly more expensive compared to some other Method Race Wheels.

Race Series

Now, this is the epitome for people who want to take their truck or UTV on the race track. They’re great for off-road scenarios as well, and we’d even go as far as saying that they’re the best Beadlock wheels in the Method Race Wheels brand. Their Cast 356 Aluminum construction ensures maximum performance while being able to last a long, long time under stress.

With Grade 8 Zinc plating and American hardware, these wheels have undergone a proprietary process of heat treatment that further enhances their off-road capabilities. And the topping on the cake is the lifetime warranty that you receive with each brand new purchase. You simply can’t go wrong with these wheels if your goal is to get on the race track or off the beaten path through a forest or trail.

Things to Consider When Buying Method Wheels

If you’re buying a new set of wheels, you might have a tendency to just look for what looks great and that’s about it. However, there are also some other things you should note before laying the cash down on the counter, such as:

Outboard Face

The wheels should fit on your vehicle and add to its beauty. As such, the outboard face is of utmost importance if you want a stylish wheel. After all, this is what gives the wheel its overall structure, feel, and design. Ideally, you can differentiate most Method Race Wheels based on their outboard face. Wheels with quality outboard faces are more expensive and durable.

Wheel Offset

If you don’t know what it is, the wheel offset is the distance from the wheel centerline to the mounting surface. The ET symbol is the one that shows you the wheel offset, and it can be noted with either a plus (+) or minus (-).

If you get wheels with negative offset, they will look like they are a bit deep in the wheel well. On the other hand, the positive offset makes them look like they’re coming a little out of the wheel well. For better aesthetics when choosing the offset, you’ll need to consult with your car’s manual or with the mechanic that tuned your ride.

Specific Quirks

  • Always get replacement bolts from the manufacturer.
  • Only buy the wheels that come with a clear warranty on finish and structure.
  • Check the wheel size to see if it matches your car’s specs.
  • Clean the wheels thoroughly before installation so that all the dirt will be removed beforehand.
  • Avoid using counterfeit bolts, lugs, and other wheel-related accessories so that you won’t damage the wheel or, worse, cause an accident.

Final Thoughts

Method Wheels are excellent for UTV enthusiasts and car lovers. Take a look at their offerings and buy with ease, as you’re getting an excellent bang for the buck.