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If you are an adrenaline lover, riding a four-wheeler or an ATV is a great way to spend time outdoors and ride at high speeds. Four-wheelers are ideal to own because they can allow you to have the flexibility to ride in different settings at any time of the year. But does it sound too good to be true? Maybe you are wondering, "How much does a 4-wheeler cost?". First, there are a few facts to understand to ensure you're prepared for the cost. But also to ensure that you can invest in a quality four-wheeler that you enjoy using long-term.

How Much is a Four Wheeler?

Four-wheelers are, on average, between $5,000 and $6,000, but it depends on the model you want to purchase. 

Generally, the trim is the main part that determines the price tag, with all the different bells and whistles it includes. Some higher trims and more reputable brands can cost an average of $8,000 to $9,000. It is an excellent price for those who have more experience riding ATVs and can get the most out of the vehicle. 

But, those with a larger budget can find models and trims for around $11,000. These higher models come with more horsepower and can also allow you to ride at higher speeds to ensure you get the adrenaline rush you're seeking without feeling limited by the ATV.

Money speaks! That's true for four-wheelers, too. Spending more on a four-wheeler can allow you to own a model equipped with a larger engine and deliver more performance while off-roading. Most sport and utility four-wheelers are built with 350cc to 1000cc engines. On the other hand, if you aren't an experienced rider, investing in a lower model or trim that has basic features and is easier to operate may be ideal. 

With that being said, there are a few key specs to evaluate as you narrow down a few of the top models and trims in the industry:

  • Select a model with better performance if you plan to work with the four-wheeler. Avoid heavy-duty tasks with four-wheelers to avoid excess strain on the engine and parts. 
  • Purchasing a four-wheeler with more horsepower can increase its payload and towing capacity for added versatility with the different tasks performed. 

Be sure to get the best out of your vehicle and make it run smoothly. Brands like Yamaha manufacture specific models that are made to perform different tasks. That`s why they come with high towing and payload capacities. The Yamaha brand also has reliable accessories like the Yamaha Rear Windshield or the Yamaha Multi-Mount. To get a better idea of their products, browse their utility categories. You will discover there all the different available models.

Suppose you're seeking additional ATV accessories that would enhance the quality of your ride and the look of your four-wheeler. 

In that case, you can find models with LED or halogen lighting for increased visibility of your surroundings. The advanced lighting will also make the four-wheeler more visible to other motorists or riders, reducing the risk of a collision in dim settings. 

Excellent lights are considered necessary for staying safe while riding at night. And if we are talking about safety, do not miss out on our best helmets for UTV drivers article, in which we discuss why driving with all your safety accessories is important.

Other accessories that may spark your interest are heavy-duty cargo racks. They are also standard on higher models and make it easy to bring more gear or equipment with you on the go. This feature is convenient because it allows you to drive long distances with your belongings secured. But, of course, you`d want that while riding on rough terrain. 

Specialty and performance suspension systems are an upgrade on higher-end ATVs and UTVs. They absorb the bumps and imperfections on trails and roads. As a result, they can reduce fatigue while driving long distances or on rough terrain. 

To ensure that you grasp the accessories required by a professional four-wheeler, check out our blog post on the top four-wheeler accessories.

How Much is a Kid Four Wheeler

If you're shopping for a child-appropriate four-wheeler, then we`ve got you! If your child is interested in riding a four-wheeler, you are lucky because a four-wheeler for the youth is more affordable than ATVs designed for adults. These smaller four-wheelers have an average price tag of $1,500. The overall price tag is influenced by the quality of the ATV, as well as the brand and model. 

If your child has experience riding four-wheelers, higher trims range from $2,000 to $4,000. They typically come with 50cc to 250cc engines. Parents want the simplest vehicle version for their children to prevent kids from taking too many risks. Teenagers can opt for a four-wheeler made for an adult.

Opt for a four-wheeler with a smaller engine if you want to save money. Besides these models being cheaper, they have a reduced speed capacity. That will reduce the chances of your child falling off the ATV when they turn the speed a bit too high. Plus, fuel capacity is another factor to consider. Four-wheelers with larger fuel tanks guzzle quite a lot, not to mention that they are also a bit more pricey. For example, most fuel tanks range from three to five gallons.

ATVs are also available with manual or automatic transmissions. If you're new to four-wheeling, we are letting you know that an automatic transmission can be easier to operate and allow you to feel more in control of the vehicle as you become accustomed to the different features and controls.

The Benefits of Owning a Four-Wheeler

The cost of a four-wheeler makes it important to determine if it's worth the investment when you're considering using it for outdoor adventures. Fortunately, there are many different brands and models to choose from, making it easy to be more selective with your purchase. In addition, there are a variety of price points to accommodate your budget. Of course, the more money you're willing to spend, the more brands you can choose from as you explore what's available in the industry.

Youth and adult models are also available, whether you're shopping for a four-wheeler for your child or need one to use yourself. You can have the right size of ATV and ride it comfortably.

Another benefit of investing in a four-wheeler is that the prices are much more affordable than off-road vehicles like UTVs. Plus, UTVs are often equipped with additional safety features like harnesses and roll cages, which increases their overall price tag. But, if you are not one for those safety requirements, then you can pick a model that is free of them. They are unnecessary if you don't plan to take too many risks. As a result, more consumers can afford to own ATVs and even buy multiple four-wheelers for the entire family to ride together.

Four-wheelers are also ideal for solo riders when you want to explore new locations without other people in tow. It will make it fun to ride at your own pace and have more freedom with your outdoor adventure. Some people can still ride a four-wheeler with a small child or adult on the back for added convenience.

Once you own a four-wheeler, it can allow you to have a reason to spend more time outdoors and unplug from technology. In addition, it can be a bonding experience with your family members and friends at any time of the year.

Bottom Line

Understanding the overall cost involved with investing in a four-wheeler can allow you to do the necessary research to find the best model for your budget. In addition, the variety of options available on the market makes it easier to be selective and select a model with specific features that accommodate your needs while spending time off-roading.