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Off-road vehicles offer an exciting way to explore the great outdoors. Side-by-sides, like the Honda Talon, are particularly popular for their blend of performance and versatility. These vehicles often use various accessories to enhance the riding experience, and one such accessory is the windshield. The right windshield can protect riders from the elements, reduce dust swirl in the cabin, and improve overall comfort.

When it comes to windshields for a Honda Talon, there are several options available. Materials range from hardened glass to durable polycarbonate, each offering different levels of clarity and impact resistance. Glass windshields deliver a scratch-resistant and clear view, while polycarbonate options are known for their lightweight strength. Features can also vary, with some windshields offering ventilation systems, wiper kits, or the ability to quickly remove them for open-air riding on cooler days.

Before making a purchase, understanding the specific needs for your Honda Talon is crucial. Consider the type of terrain you'll be encountering, the typical weather conditions, and your personal preferences for maintenance and usability. Size and compatibility with your vehicle's model year are also critical to ensure proper fitting and functionality.

Top Honda Talon Windshields

We have meticulously researched and gathered the finest Honda Talon windshields on the market to enhance your off-road adventures. Understanding the importance of durability, clarity, and fitment, our selection aims to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a blend of protection and performance. Join us as we explore options that promise to stand up to the elements and provide a comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain.

SuperATV 3-IN-1 Windshield

We believe this windshield is a solid investment for Honda Talon owners looking for all-weather versatility and durability.


  • Flexible 3-in-1 design adapts to varying weather conditions
  • Made from high-strength polycarbonate with scratch resistance
  • Installation process is straightforward, with clear instructions provided


  • Higher cost compared to standard windshields
  • Some tools required for assembly may not be included
  • For certain users, installation might be challenging without assistance

Adventuring through rough terrains requires equipment that stands up to the challenge, and that's precisely what SuperATV promises with their 3-IN-1 Windshield for Honda Talon models. Its all-weather design ensures that no matter the conditions outside, you’ll be able to adjust your windshield on the fly, maintaining comfort and visibility.

Durability is key when off-roading, and the polycarbonate material used here offers peace of mind. With a hard coating that repels scratches, it's clear that this windshield is designed to withstand the elements and debris encountered on intense trails, ensuring longevity as well as your investment.

The installation process is part of the purchase experience, and SuperATV seems to understand that. Clear instructions mean you can anticipate having your new windshield up and ready without losing too much time, though it’s advisable to have some extra tools and a helping hand to streamline the process. Once installed, its reliable performance and ability to toggle between closed, vented, or open positions easily make this windshield a versatile addition to your Honda Talon.

SuperATV Glass Windshield for Honda Talon

We recommend this windshield for Honda Talon owners seeking enhanced visibility and protection without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


  • Exceptional scratch resistance preserves clarity
  • Built-in sliding vents adapt to changing weather
  • Includes manual wiper for increased visibility


  • Heavier than plastic alternatives
  • Manual wiper may require effort compared to automatic systems
  • May have a higher cost than less durable options

For Honda Talon enthusiasts wanting to ride in various conditions without dealing with the nuisance of debris and weather, investing in a robust windshield option is crucial. The SuperATV Glass Windshield provides an enviable combination of clarity and durability. It’s made from laminated glass, which stands up admirably to the rigors of off-road adventures by resisting scratches that can obstruct your view over time.

When out on the trail, the weather can be unpredictable, but this windshield's sliding vents offer a versatile solution. These vents allow a welcome airflow during sunny rides and protect against the elements when conditions take a turn. This level of adaptability makes for a comfortable experience regardless of the weather.

Additionally, rough terrains and high speeds can lead to reduced visibility due to splatter. That’s where the included manual wiper becomes beneficial, sweeping away obstructions and maintaining a clear line of sight. Its strategic placement maximizes the wiped area, ensuring that your forward vision remains unobstructed during your ride.

KUAFU Honda Talon Windshield

We believe this windshield adds necessary protection and functionality to your Honda Talon, though consideration should be given to the overall build quality.


  • Offers full protection from wind and precipitation
  • Includes a practical manual wiper
  • Equipped with air vents for adjustable airflow


  • Some users report subpar finish and materials
  • Potential for minor shipping damages
  • The durability of the mounting might be in question

When seeking a windshield for the Honda Talon, protection is a priority, and the KUAFU Windshield promises to deliver by sheltering riders from the elements. The thoughtful one-piece glass and aluminum frame design indicates a consideration for a more seamless experience, without sacrificing sturdiness. This windshield stands out for its practical features, particularly the manual wiper, which is essential for maintaining visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Comfort and customization in a vehicle can significantly enhance the riding experience. The adjustable air vents included with KUAFU's windshield are a testament to that, offering a way to control the cabin's airflow without compromising on protection. This is a thoughtful touch for riders who value control over their environment.

Despite the clear advantages in terms of features, there's a need for cautious optimism here. We've seen a few comments on the materials not meeting expectations, leading to concerns about the longevity of the windshield's performance. Buyers will want to consider the potential for additional investments in sturdier fittings or immediate reinforcements to ensure the windshield remains a stalwart companion on rugged rides.

StarknightMT Talon Windshield

We believe this StarknightMT Windshield is a robust choice for Honda Talon owners seeking clarity and protection against the elements.


  • Enhanced visibility due to high light transparency
  • Durable construction with scratch and impact resistance
  • Simple installation process with all necessary hardware


  • Limited compatibility with only specific Talon models
  • Protective films may be confusing to some users at first
  • A heavy item that might be cumbersome for some to handle alone

KEMIMOTO Talon Windshield

We recommend this windshield for its innovative design and ease of installation, though it may not be the most robust option available.


  • Versatile 3-In-1 Design for various weather conditions
  • Pneumatic springs aid in easy operation
  • Installation is straightforward with durable clamps


  • Some users reported inferior durability
  • Instructions may be unclear, based on feedback
  • Hardware issues such as insufficient nuts and bolts

The KEMIMOTO Talon Windshield is known for its versatility. Its 3-In-1 Flip-Up design allows owners to adapt to changing weather, which is ideal for those who like to brave the elements. This feature could be especially handy for rides on unpredictable days, providing flexibility on the go.

We also appreciate the attention to detail with the pneumatic main springs. These should ease the process of moving the windshield through its different positions. Proper operational design not only improves the riding experience but also can extend the life of the windshield.

Installation can often be a headache with aftermarket parts, but this windshield is designed to be user-friendly in that regard. The clamps are meant to secure the windshield without much hassle, which is a relief for those of us who aren't mechanically inclined. However, the feedback about unclear instructions and missing hardware suggests there might be some bumps along the road to getting it set up.

Considering the overall design and features, this windshield is a solid contender for your Talon. Its convenience and features stand out, though it's important to approach with realistic expectations about its durability and installation process.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best windshield for a Honda Talon, there are several features to consider to ensure it meets our needs. We've categorized these features to assist in making an informed decision.

Material Quality

The material of the windshield significantly affects durability and clarity. We look for high-grade materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass, noting that polycarbonate offers high impact resistance while glass provides the best clarity.

Material Types:

  • Polycarbonate: Highly impact-resistant; flexible.
  • Acrylic: Less durable than polycarbonate; more scratch-resistant.
  • Glass: Best clarity; heavy and may require a sturdy frame.


Good visibility is crucial for safety. A windshield should allow clear sight in various weather conditions. Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings can be beneficial.


The ease of installation is important for us to consider. We prefer windshields that come with straightforward instructions and can be fitted or removed without specialized tools.

Installation Comparison:

Easy Install Tool-Free Removal Secure Fit
Yes Yes Yes
No No No


Make sure the windshield fits our Honda Talon model to avoid mismatches.


Adequate airflow is essential to prevent fogging and maintain comfort. We assess the availability of vents or the ability for air adjustment.


We don't ignore aesthetics, even though functionality is key. The style should complement the Honda Talon's lines and overall look.

Considering these factors will help us select a windshield that offers the best combination of protection, visibility, and comfort for our Honda Talon.