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Winter is coming, and it's time to prepare your utility terrain vehicle (UTV) for the chilly adventures ahead. Whether you're braving the snow-covered trails or working in harsh winter conditions, the right gear is essential for safety and performance. At, we've got you covered with a comprehensive range of winter-ready products designed specifically for your UTV. Let's dive into some must-have accessories to transform your UTV into a winter warrior.

 UTV Snow Accessories


1. Heated Accessories for Comfort and Warmth

When the temperature drops, staying warm is key. Our heated accessories, including heated seats and steering wheel covers, ensure comfort during your winter rides. These easy-to-install accessories not only enhance your driving experience but also keep you warm and focused on the adventure ahead.

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Top Accessories Include:

  • 1. Heated Jacket
  • 2. Heated Gloves
  • 3. Heated socks
  • 4. Heated Seats
UTV Heated Accessories


2. Snow Plows and Blades for Efficient Snow Removal

Turn your UTV into a snow-clearing powerhouse with our robust snow plows and blades. Perfect for clearing driveways, paths, or trails, these attachments are durable, easy to maneuver, and can handle heavy snowfall with ease. With adjustable angles and custom fittings, they're a must-have for any winter utility work.

 UTV Snow Plows


3. Windshields and Enclosures for Protection

Protect yourself from the biting winter winds with our high-quality windshields and enclosures. These accessories provide a barrier against the cold and improve visibility during snowstorms. They come in various materials and styles to suit your UTV model and personal preferences. At Rad UTV Parts we have a wide variety of UTV windshields and enclosures


UTV Windshield


4. Lighting Solutions for Shorter Days

With shorter days and longer nights, adequate lighting is crucial. Our LED light bars and lighting upgrades offer superior illumination, ensuring safety during your nighttime adventures or work tasks. These energy-efficient lighting solutions are designed to withstand extreme winter conditions.

 UTV Lighting


5. Tires and Chains for Enhanced Traction

Navigating icy and snowy terrain requires tires that can grip and perform. Our winter tires and chains are engineered to provide maximum traction and stability on slippery surfaces. Upgrade to these for a safer and more controlled driving experience. Visit our extensive selection of UTV Tires

UTV Tires


Winter brings its challenges, but with the right gear from, you can enjoy your UTV adventures all season long. From heated accessories to snow plows and rugged tires, we have everything you need to gear up your UTV for winter. Visit us at to explore our full range of winter products and start preparing for the cold weather today!