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Since 2020 is behind us and many people, as well as the authorities, are starting to become optimistic regarding the pandemic, we thought we’d give you one more reason to go in the great outdoors.

Next time you’re riding your UTV, you might want to bring some music with you to accompany your day on the ranch or off-road far from society. Whatever your preference may be, having a reliable sound system aboard your UTV can make the journey much more enjoyable.

Types of UTV Speakers

Before going ahead with our reviews and recommendations, let’s take a quick glance at the main types of UTV speakers you will find and what each of these types can offer you.

Be aware that you might need to test different speakers for your UTV to see which ones sound the best with the aerodynamics of your particular vehicle. 

You can check out more about how sound propagates through the air to see a scientific explanation of how everything works. In short, there are two main types of UTV speakers, with several subtypes depending on the specifications and performance. The main types are regular speakers and soundbars. 

Regular speakers look just like your typical PC speakers except they have a mounting mechanism that allows you to place them somewhere on one of your UTV’s bars. Soundbars on the other hand are several speakers chained up together into a single bar shape format. Today, we’ll be taking a look at several different models of both these types.

1. Boss Audio 36" Riot Sound Bar With Rgb 8 Speakers Fits 1.5-2.0" Bars

You can check it out here.

This soundbar is rated IPX5, meaning that it can easily resist a low-pressure water jet spray. As such, you can rest assured that you won’t have to rush back home if a mild storm comes in your way.

But how about the overall sound quality? Well, it’s got 500 watts of power and a 3.5mm aux jack input that’s compatible with the classic audio output from smartphones and music players, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for a fully wireless experience.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to use the integrated controls or the remote to change songs, shift volume, and control even more things on your smartphone or another device with which you’ve paired the speaker.

Finally, the RGB lights make this soundbar really attractive and can even act as a signal in case you need roadside assistance. 

2. Marine Grade 8” Pod Speakers by PowerBass XL-POD8SR

You can check them out here.

These two speaker pods offer the exact amount of bass a standard UTV could need at top speeds. Each speaker features an injection-molded and UV-Treated polypropylene cone and a grill for clear sound production regardless of wind intensity and multiple other factors that would otherwise negatively affect the sound quality. 

While there’s not much else we can say about the technical side of these speakers, you can rest assured that you will most likely be pleased by them. 

3. Polaris RZR Rockford Fosgate Audio Systems

You can check them out here.

The Polaris RZR sound system can be found in five different stages, and each one is generally reliable, with the ability to resist mud, dirt, rain, ultraviolet light, and so much more. They’re basically created for the ultimate outdoor experience. You can see more details about this unit right on our website and purchase it from the link above.

4. PowerBass XL-1200 with FREE Roll Bar clamps and Remote

You can check it out here.

As with our previous offering, the PowerBass XL-1200 is resistant to mud, water, and many other elements that would otherwise damage electronic components. Twelve speakers that are driven by 500 watts RMS make any UTV sound like a genuine musical beast. The enhanced and rugged aluminum casing makes the experience all the more engaging as you know your soundbar will resist just about any adventure you’re going on.

You can pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and then stash it away in a zipped pocket while hitting the road. Alternatively, you can hook up the smartphone via a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Another way is to use the 2-volt audio outputs to drive external components if you need to.

5. Bazooka G3 36" UTV Party Sound Bar With RGB Illumination

You can check it out here

The Bazooka party bar, as it’s more commonly known, comes with ten speakers and RGB lighting systems for those awesome outdoor parties you’re going to attend. The G3 Party Bar is the ultimate all-in-one, total-control party system that can be used in a large number of vehicle types, including ATV, SxS, golf cart, RV, or even boats.

For all intents and purposes, we think that if you’re the social type of person, this soundbar will help you and your friends have the time of your life out there in the field, on the sea, or on the race track. 

6. Boss Audio Systems Reflex Overhead Bluetooth Soundbars With LED Dome Light 40" BRRF40A

You can check it out here.

What we like about this particular soundbar is that it not only comes with Bluetooth but also this technology’s patented A2DP audio streaming method. In addition, this soundbar doesn’t require an amp to properly output all possible notes. You only need a 12V power source, a few connections, an audio source such as an MP3 player or Smartphone, and you are ready to start listening.

Furthermore, the IPX 5 rated water enclosure makes it resistant to rain, snow, and other elements that might affect its lifespan or performance otherwise. As such, you won’t feel rushed to go back home when you see a few clouds here and there.

The Bottom Line

Which one of these UTV speakers do you find the most appealing for your needs? Leave us a comment down below and give us some other suggestions that we might bring into our store and write about in the near future, when possible. Also, please share this article so others can find the right UTV speaker for them.