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Among all UTVs proudly wearing this manufacturer's label, the Honda Talon stands out from the crowd for its fantastic design, impeccable performance, and high comfort levels. One might think that once you get it from the dealer, all you have to do is ride it or put it to work. Nevertheless, true UTV buffs know that even the latest, most capable UTV needs some upgrades, particularly when the aftermarket parts improve comfort, safety, and performance. So let's see today the best Honda Talon accessories to get to fine-tune your UTV!

Best Honda Talon Accessories to Improve Performance

Honda is one of the strongest contenders on the UTV market, releasing innovative and highly performing models every year. In their view, side-by-sides are recreational-utility ("recutility") vehicles you can use for sports, hard labor, entertainment, hobbies, and more.

In the Honda Talon family, you will find powerful UTVs for sports and recreation that you can rely on no matter how challenging your adventure is.

We recently listed the new 2021 Talon 1000R with FOX Live Valve suspension among the best UTVs you can buy this year. Nevertheless, you can continuously improve the performance of your Talon, can't you?

So, let's see together some of the best Honda Talon accessories to get to boost this bad boy's capabilities!

1. DragonFire Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub and Wheel Kit

best honda talon accessories dragonfire wheel kit

This DragonFire quick-release wheel hub and kit is a championship winner. If you have your heart in racing on demanding terrains and boosting your Honda Talon's performance, the equipment is hands-down the best choice you can make.

For longevity, this kit features electro-less nickel plating on the spline, while for aesthetics, it comes with black anodizing on the hub. The 6-lug bolt pattern allows you to fit & match the hub with all other DragonFire steering wheels. Overall, with this kit, you can take control of your Honda Talon and win like a pro!

2. Trinity Racing Honda Talon Full Exhaust and Powervision Reflash Tuner

popular honda talon upgrades trinity racing exhaust

When it comes to the best Honda Talon accessories for performance, you cannot skip adding a newer, better exhaust. The complete exhaust coming from Trinity Racing is an engineering work of art. You get a stage 5 system with a pre-loaded map to use the exhaust at its maximum potential. It can help you gain significantly more power and torque and preserve your engine's overall "health." Moreover, this exhaust also comes with a state-of-the-art tuner that you will want on your Honda Talon for an excellent powerful ride.

Best Honda Talon Accessories for Safety

Honda Talon is one of the safest and most reliable UTVs out there, but when you want to ride it hard, some safety-centered parts and modifications are always a good idea. As you know, safety also means performance and comfort, so for this next chapter, we tried to mix in some of the best Honda Talon accessories that give you a little bit of everything!

1. DragonFire Racing 4-Point Harness 3" with Free Honda Talon Override Connector and Lap Bolts

dragonfire harness for honda talon

Tested by the DragonFire Racing team in the harshest conditions, this set of two DragonFire harnesses with override plug and lap mount bolts is for serious adventurers. Whether you choose rock ledges, mud trails, dunes, challenging terrains in remote areas, the harness will keep you safe and make your ride better. Are you in for a race? The harness will lead you towards victory.

We will mention only the memory foam shoulder pads and the adjustable sternum clips, among some of the "comfort" features of this product. Other than that, DragonFire also considered your style when they created the harness: you can get it in black, blue, red, or grey, depending on your Honda Talon's color scheme.

2. Seizmik's Pursuit Side View Mirrors

honda talon upgrades side mirrors

As we have discussed in our UTV vs ATV debate, a UTV looks and acts more like a car. There is no car out there to miss side view mirrors, so for your Honda Talon's performance and your safety, Seizmik Pursuit side view mirrors are the go-to choice.

Among the most compelling features of these mirrors, we can count the cast aluminum housings, wide-angle convex safety glass, and the one-bolt installation. Backed by our Unlimited Lifetime Mirror Warranty, these mirrors will take a severe beating before you need to change them.

If you are on the market to buy mirrors for performance and safety, we also recommend you the Seizmik Halo-RA CAST rearview mirror, as no Honda Talon is complete without it.

Best Honda Talon Accessories for Comfort and Style

For the final part of our guide on the best Honda Talon accessories, we reserved the privilege to present you with two aftermarket parts that will improve your ride from a comfort & style point of view. However, you should know that the following Talon parts also improve your journeys' safety as well as the performance of your vehicle!

1. Honda Talon RUGGED RADIOS Complete Intercomm System and Radio Kit

honda talon aftermarket parts rugged radios

This complete Rugged Radios intercom system + radio kit allows you to communicate with your other passengers, benefit from 4 headsets/helmet kits, keep an open line with other UTVs in your trail party, and stream music via your smartphone. Stay safe while maintaining contact with others when you travel in remote, even dangerous areas, and use the incorporated Bluetooth system for music streaming and cell phone conversation.

You don't have to drive while talking on the phone either, as the system comes with hands-free, voice-activated in-vehicle communication!

2. Inferno Honda Talon (2019-present) Cab Heater with Defrost

honda talon best accessories cab heater

Do you want to use your Honda Talon in any weather? Then Inferno's cab heater with defrost is the solution for you! Stay warmer outdoors with this complete heater kit that matches Honda Talons from 2019 to present and both standard and crew cabs. The system will be out of sight and a direct fit, so you install it and enjoy your UTV no matter the season.

3. Particle Separator for Honda Talon

best accessories honda talon air purifier

The last entry on our list of best Honda Talon accessories is the KWT X2 particle separator. It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that separates the clean air from unwanted particulates before the airflow reaches your stock air filter. Who does not want to prolong the life of stock filters and preserve the optimal engine performance? This advanced disruptive airflow technology is there to provide you with comfort and engine performance!

Bottom Line

Did you use any of these best Honda Talon accessories for your UTV yet? If so, which one do you enjoy the most? And if not, which of these products sparks your interest and curiosity? Would you recommend other Honda Talon aftermarket parts for more comfortable, safe, and performing rides?