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Kids sometimes desire driving, especially when they see you on the steering wheel. It is a moment for every child. To fulfill this desire, Polaris invented the machine known as Polaris RZR 170 UTV for kids. It is a side-by-side sports machine produced by the Polaris industries. 

We had mentioned the Polaris RZR 170 when we discussed the best kids’ UTVs, but now we will look closer at this vehicle, as it is truly outstanding. 

The Evolution of the Polaris 170 RZR UTV

Early in the 1990s, Polaris started exploring making an ATV with a side-by-side seating arrangement. One of the Polaris founders, Edgar Hetteen, wanted it so that he could move around with his wife. In addition, he wanted a side-by-side ATV for a driver and a passenger. To turn this idea to life, Polaris explored a series of concepts and later settled on a ride-in design where a steering wheel could be used instead of handlebars. By 1999, the company launched the Ranger officially.

The Ranger became so popular that it made the UTV market establish itself. Buyers started to race naturally with them. This motivated Polaris to start working on something new, with a high speed and with a better performance. 

In 2007, the UTV had its first look. This was when Polaris unveiled the 2008 Ranger RZR 800. It was a sub-model of the popular Ranger, but it gained more popularity making Polaris realize that this machine was just unique on its own. So the Ranger name had to be dropped, and a great evolution of the Polaris RZR began.

The 2008 RZR is also unique on its own. It was easily distinguishable in that the lower compact body style had a lower seating position and a lot of speed. As a result, it was much faster compared with the other UTVs on the market. In addition, the engine was also placed behind the seat to give the riders a low seat.

The original Ranger RZR measured 50” wide, and this made it perfect for tearing up trails. In addition, the width and a lower center of gravity made it faster. It was a perfect machine for adventure. 

A year later, after releasing RZR 800, RZR S 800 was released. It had similar specs as the previous model, only that the width was ten inches wider than the original model. Instead, it was 60” wide. It made riders realize their potential in sports UTV, so they demanded more.

When the Polaris RZR dominated the sport side-by-side, the company brought something new into the market. The first youth UTV, Polaris 170 RZR UTV, was invented. Its main target was kids 12 years and above. Of course, safety was the main concern, so it came with two helmets, one-piece side nets, a safety flag, an instructional DVD, and an adjustable speed limiter.

This UTV enables kids and teens to get a taste of the off-road and spectacular trails behind the wheel safely. It came loaded with several safety measures for kids. This gives parents some piece of mind while their kids are riding. 

It has gone through different models, sub-models, upgrades, and sub-editions just to be what it is today.

The Polaris RZR 170 was launched in 2010. Considering the brand's history, it is the most important machine ever invented. It has created a field for the youth who are UTV riders and are now stepping out into the pro leagues. It has given birth to a generation of riders and has made them grow and love off-roading and racing in reliable UTVs.

This is one of the main reasons that this UTV has become a hobby and has become popular in the current world. It is only a two-wheel drive. In the few years that it has been in the market, it has greatly impacted the off-road industry and has been very influential on the car/UTV racing industry.

The Polaris RZR 170 Specifications

Let’s see now the main Polaris RZR 170 UTV tech specs and features!


  • Engine Type - 4-stroke;2-valve
  • Cooling - forced -air fan
  • Lubrication - wet sump
  • Displacement (cc) - 169
  • Coolant capacity - N\A
  • Battery type -12V;12 A-hr
  • Starting - Electric
  • Alternator Output (W) - 80
  • Fuel gal/L0 - 2.5/9.4
  • Oil Capacity (qt./L) - 1.3/1.3


  • Transmission F/N/R
  • Primary Drive Type CVT

Front Suspension

  • Adjustability Spring preload
  • Travel (in/cm) 5/12.7

Rear Suspension

  • Type Swing arm
  • Shock type/Qty 2
  • Travel (in/cm) - 5/12.7
  • Adjustability - Spring preload

Brake System

  • Rear Type - Hydraulic disc
  • Front Type - Hydraulic disc
  • Parking Brake - Manual lever

Dimension/ Capacities

  • Dry weight (lbs/kg) 500/226.8 (est.)
  • Wheelbase (in/cm) 65/165.1
  • Turning radius (in/cm) (ID unloaded) 105/490.2 (Threshold)
  • Length/ width/ height (in/cm) 85/ 47/ 55(119.4/139.7)

Daytime Running Lights

  • Quantity/ Location Daytime running lights: 2/bumper
  • Wattage (ea) 15W

Tail/ Brake Lights

  • Quantity/ Location Standard/ one

The Polaris 170 RZR UTV has an engine that is four-stroked, air-cooled, and is 169cc with an electric start and an automatic transmission. It is styled like its adult counterpart in that, on the sides, it has an aggressive and sporty look. It offers kids an ultra-cool ride. For more fun, it holds the driver and the passenger together.

The seats are designed in a way that gives comfort to both the driver and the passenger. For example, there is more leg room for the passenger, and the paddles are dual.

It has all the safety features that are good for the youth. It has a removable ignition key, side nets, 3-point seat belts, electronic throttle safety control, parking brake, full cab frame, daytime running lights, hydraulic disc brakes, color-coded foot controls, and speed controls. The speed controls are there to enable adults to set a maximum speed that can be controlled.

You can upgrade this versatile and powerful vehicle with a wide range of Polaris RZR accessories and aftermarket parts. From harnesses and seat belts to side view mirrors, roll bars, speakers, and radios, you have dozens of options to make the RZR 170 safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable for your kid or teen. 

If you purchase a Polaris Razor 170 from an authorized dealer, you will get a high visibility flip flag, safety video, and a speed limiter. A DOT-approved helmet will also accompany it. Parents should teach kids the positive impact of wearing proper safety gear when riding a UTV, so read our guides and ensure your child or teen wears the helmet properly

What Else Should You Know about the Polaris 170 RZR UTV?

It is not supposed to be used on-road. The driver should be at least 12 years old. They should also be tall enough to reach all the pedals without straining, grasp the handholds, and firmly plant their feet on the floor.

To stay safe, the occupants must always wear helmets, seat belts, protective clothing, and eye protection. It is recommended that they use cab nets. Riding on public roads is not allowed, and one should avoid paved surfaces while driving. One is not allowed to carry more than one passenger, and as always, wear safety gear and communicate at all times with your party.

Excessive speeds should be avoided as much as one can and avoid taking sharp turns. When driving, always be careful on difficult terrains. Following all the instructions and warnings on the manual is key for safe and successful driving.

It is advisable for parents to always ride around with their kids to ensure that there is total control. Then, they can allow them to go on their own. When driving for the first time, it will take a couple of hours to instruct the child on what to do and how to do it safely.

Polaris 170 RZR UTV Review: Conclusion

The 170 Polaris RZR is very fun and reliable, thanks to Polaris, who did a good job in fulfilling the desire of every youth to drive. The segment is growing fast, and many kids are out there enjoying the rides. This machine is a perfect choice for your kids since it makes everyone a driver in the family.

It is also a good investment that we can make for our kids. It makes children passionate about UTV riding and racing, building their skills and self-confidence to conquer any obstacle that comes before them. It also enables them to explore their riding skills and thereby grow to become responsible people in the field of driving.