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Pyrotect Forced Air Vortex Duckbill Mid-Mount Forced Air Helmet Rugged Radios Wired

$799.00 $999.00

Pyrotect Pro Air Vortex Duckbill mid-mount forced air helmets are quite simply unmatched by the competition! All Pro Air Vortex Duckbill mid-mount forced air helmets come with TrueFit—Pyrotect's unique 6-pad interior system for exact sizing of the helmet for a perfect fit. The interior forced air channels have been redesigned and improved upon, adding ventilation ports directed towards the face shield to increase airflow to a critical area of the helmet. The duckbill design and built-in airfoils on the back of the Pro Air Vortex helmet help reduce neck strain and wind drag.

Pyrotect Pro Air Vortex Duckbill mid-mount forced air helmets include:

Wired with Rugged Radios Alpha Audio Hemet Kit with 3.5mm earbud jack

* A 100 percent carbon fiber shell for a high strength-to-weight ratio, chemical resistance, and high-temperature tolerance—critical to ultimate safety and performance
* Vacuum-bagged and autoclave-cured shell for superior strength while keeping the helmet as light as possible
* Fire-retardant Nomex interior
* Six fully removable head liner and cheek pads for easier cleaning
* Reliable stainless steel hardware and KEVLAR® chin strap
* 0.125 in. polycarbonate shield with tensioning tear-off post
* Rubber eyeport gasket for a secure seal
* Racing Optics and Ultra Shield tear-off compatibility
* Large eyeport for greater visibility
* M6 threaded inserts for head and neck restraint devices
* Snell SA2020 certification