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Polaris RZR XP1000 Multi-Mount for Polaris XP1 / Turbo S | Rugged Radios

$60.00 $65.00

The Rugged mount makes radio and intercom installation easier than ever! The front loading mount design only requires 2 screw holes and provides greater accessibility for wiring your comms.

Install your Rugged Radios intercom and RM45 or RM60, mobile radio in your new Polaris RZR XP1000 using this mount. 

Unique one piece construction makes installation quick and easy.

Includes all mounting hardware.

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• RZR 1000
• 2015-Up RZR 800/900
• Fits RZR Turbo S

Works with:

  • RM45-U (Mobile Radio)
  • RM60-V (Mobile Radio)
  • RK-RDM (Mobile Radio)
  • GMR45 (Mobile Radio)
  • RRP357 (Intercom)
  • RRP360 (Intercom)
  • RRP362 (Intercom)
  • RRP660 (Intercom)
  • RRP660PLUS (Intercom)
  • RRP686 (Intercom)
  • RRP696 (Intercom)
  • RRP5050 (Intercom)
  • RRP6100 (Intercom)