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Mac Air Two Person Air Pumper system Wired Top Air MRC Pumper Helmets | Rugged Radios *Clearance*

$850.00 $950.00

Stay cool and eliminate dust with the MAC Air helmet pumper! Whether you are desert racing in Baja, cruising the sand dunes at Glamis, or hitting the short course track our MAC Air helmet pumper is a must-have for comfort and dust control.

Constructed using injection-molded ABS polymer, the housing is optimized for increased airflow. Combined with a special built high static pressure fan, the MAC Air produces more pressure and more volume than any other helmet pumper available! The MAC Air takes helmet air pressure to a new level.

The MAC Air utilizes a dual filtering system that increases performance and prevents premature clogging. Its external pre-filter features uniform micro openings that filter out most dust and debris before it can reach the internal filter. After race day, simply clean both washable filters with water, and you are ready for the next event!

Easily mount using our exclusive half clamp bar mounts available in most tubing sizes.

VSC (Variable Speed Controller)

With our VSC (included with bundle) the MAC Air’s flow can be easily toggled between off, variable speed, or full blast mode! The VSC pulse control precisely adjusts the amount of air entering the helmet.

MAC Air Bundle Features:

  • Variable Speed Controller (VSC) included!
  • Super lightweight, expandable pumper hoses
  • Washable dry media air pre-filter
  • Particulate pre-filter wrap
  • High duty cycle life motor
  • Waterproof power connector
  • 12' power cord
  • Includes Universal Bar Mount

From start to finish the MAC Air is built to race!

(1) Dual Outlet MAC Air Pumper
(1) Variable Rocker Switch Speed Controller
(2) MAC-X Pumper Hoses
(2) MRC Stage One Top Air Rugged Radios Wired Helmets Size of Choice

NOTE: XS-SMALL-MED size is one helmet that comes with additonal cheek pads to adapt to all sizes making it a great choice for kids!

Large-XL-2XL and 3Xl-4Xl size is one helmet that comes with additonal cheek pads to adapt to those sizes making it a great choice if your are not sure of your exact size!

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MRC Stage One Pumper DOT Certified Helmets

FlowHawk Forced Air Intake

Keep a cool head, keep dust out! Cycling in cool, clean air from your on-board helmet air pumper makes for better breathing and creates positive interior pressure, making it even harder for dust to get in.

Plush, Breathable Comfort Liner

Clean and comfortable! Keep the grit out with  the plush comfort liner that features material that's anti-microbial, removable, and washable. 

Anti-Fog Coated Visor

Clearly the best! Keep your eyes on the prize with fogoff, anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV-protected shield.


  • Lightweight Polycarbonate / ABS Shell Construction
  • FlowHawk, Forced Air Ventilation System
  • Helmet Kit, works for both OFFROAD and STEREO
  • Breathable, Removable Dust Skirt
  • Pop Lock, easy-off shield attachment for quick, easy, tool-free shield swaps
  • DOT Certified


  • MRC Top Air Pumper Helmet
  • Rugged Radios Helmet Kit for OFFROAD and STEREO intercoms
  • Removable Dust Skirt