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These rad UTV rims are super clean aesthetically. As a matter of fact, the linework is impeccable and get a load of the dual eight-spoke design elements. In addition, the off-road wheels are dripping with aftermarket grit being completed with premium finishes. Now, that finish isn't just to make pretties. It also offers a corrosion-resistant barrier that will keep the side-by-side accessories looking sharp for years.

Falcon Ridge forms these rims from solid cast aluminum. That's right. It has a one-piece structure that keeps the weight low and the durability high. In fact, pound for pound, aluminum is one of the most rigid metals on the planet. Plus, it has corrosion and rust-resistant attributes. Finally, Falcon Ridge tosses in a valve stem and a gunmetal gray plastic center cap to close the deal.

Falcon Ridge constructs the Powersports tire as an eight-ply with half-inch lugs. What this does is increase puncture resistance while beefing up the load rating. In addition, the SxS tire has the exclusive FalconClaw sidewalls to keep your rim in tip-top shape even when you've hit the trails hard. Could it get any better than this? So go ahead... get your new UTV pre-mounted wheel and tire set at Rad Parts